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Is the Order a Rabbit? Release Date, Plot, & All You Need To Know

Is the order a rabbit?  Is a Japanese Manga that has made its way into the hearts of the audience very quickly. Season three is coming out very soon and all of this is possible due to the high popularity of the Manga among people. The official twitter page of the Manga series made this announcement and fans can’t wait for it to release. The background score of the series has been loved by almost everyone and for the new seasons’ open and closing themes the makers are making sure that they are out of this world. We have gathered all the important information for the fans so read the full details below.

Is the order a Rabbit: What can we expect from the plot?

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Is the order a rabbit is a four-panel Manga that is written, illustrated, and developed by Koi. The Manga will complete a total of eight volumes and they are divided into many seasons. The story is about Kokoa Hoto and she happens to be a positive and high spirited girl. She moves into the Kafuu family to attend her favorite school and that school is far away from her real home. Once she moves into the Kafuu family she becomes friends with Chino and she is the granddaughter of the Kafuu family. Chino is shy and well behaved but she has one unique habit that she keeps talking to a rabbit on her head.

Kokoa needs some money for her living so she starts working at a nearby café and there too she makes a lot of friends. The story will revolve around the life of Kokoa and how she deals with different situations in life. The Manga series has an interesting touch and each twist has a realistic touch attached to it. It teaches us the importance of life and how we should do everything to fulfill our wishes. Kokoa is a girl of today and she wants to study in one of the best colleges and she doesn’t shy away when it comes to staying away from home.

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Who is in the cast of Is the order a Rabbit?

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The Manga series has many characters in the storyline and this is why the voice cast is plenty too. They all have done a great job and given their voices to your favorite characters. Whenever a Manga or anime is planned the voice cast is something where the most attention is paid. The graphics of the Manga series is already high end and the twists that keep coming in between will keep your interest going. The Japanese Manga series is loved by people and there are many other such Mangas that are loved by people all over the world. Here is a look at the names of the cast members below.

  • Sakura Ayane as Cocoa
  • Minase Inori as Chino
  • Risa Taneda as Rize
  • Sato as Chiya
  • Maaya Uchida as Sharo
  • Tokui Blue Sky as Maya

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What is the release date of Is the order a rabbit season 3?

Is the order a Rabbit season 3 will be releasing in October but the official release date is yet to be announced. The broadcasting month was released by the makers on their Twitter so you can keep checking this space or their official twitter for more details.

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