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iPhone 12 rumors and leaks : 4 things we expect from Apple in 2020

Apple has launched its iphone 11 in September 2019 and rumors mills are already on a high with Apple 2020 upcoming iPhone 12. We don’t know what the official names of the iphone will be and Apple has not confirmed anything about iPhone 12 but there are have many leaks and rumors so in this post you would get to know about everything that has been leaked about the iPhone 12. Apple would probably be adding a new feature that is 5G connectivity and will challenge its competitors. Read on to know about iphone 12 and what you can expect from the phone.

iPhone 12 speculated to have bigger and smaller screens

The screen size of iphone 12 could have a change. It is speculated that some of the iphone 12 could have a size of 5.4 inches screen. The largest screen might go up to the size of 6.7 inches. The last iphone 11 had a screen size of 6.5 inch display and the iphone 12 might have a 2 inch increase. The large screen size could be a plus point and the iphone 12 might look massive and gigantic. The refresh rate also could be 120 rhz. With a 120 rhz refresh rate the iphone 12 browsing would be a lot faster and you would be able to browse web pages and apps more smoothly without any setbacks.

Apple is expected to launch 5 iphones in 2020

Apple is expected to launch 5 iphones in 2020 and we can’t contain our excitement. The rumors are rife that Apple is going to be expanding its iphone line and we would see more iphones coming out this 2020. Apple would be releasing 4 iphones in the fall season. The iphone line would be having 5.4 inches, 6.1 and 6.7 inches respectively. The more expensive iphones are expected to have 6.1 and 6.7 inches and the lesser expensive ones would have small screen sizes.

Iphone 12 could have the facility of 5G connectivity

Apple was never in a hurry to launch a phone with 5G compatibility and it hasn’t has launched any iphone with 5G as yet. Apple might launch 3 iphones that have 5G connectivity. The launch with the 5G connectivity was delayed because Apple at one point wasn’t interested in working with the leding 5G providers Qualcomm because they had a dispute over licensing fees. The good news is that Apple is finally back working with Qualcomm and will be launching the 5G compatible iphone in 2020. They could launch it in 219 because they started off late with Qualcomm. Apple is also planning to have its own 5G modem developed till the year 2025 but it is going to take a while because 5 years is a long time.

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3D depth sensing in rear cameras might be a feature in iphone 12

Since the iphoneX the iphones have been having front facing cameras that have the capacity of a 3D depth facing. The feature is known as Face ID. This feature helps you to unlock your phone by screening your face. This feature is also used to pay digital payments. The rumors mills indicate that Apple might take this feature to the next level and introduce a similar system to the rear cameras in iphone 12.

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Are you excited for the launch of iphone 12?

Iphone 12 is going to launch sometime in 2020 and with so many rumors and leaks we can’t wait for the launch. All the iphone lovers know how great Apple iphone is so with so many added and new exciting features iphone 12 is going to be awesome.

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