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Best Ramen Places in NYC and how much is ramen in NYC?

New York is obsessed with eating ramen. They love the broths and noodles dipped together and mostly take it as a snack or in dinner. Surprisingly Ramen is a traditional dish of South Korea but people thorough out the world enjoy eating it.NYC has many restaurants that offer tasty ramen to its customers. Let’s take a look at some fun places which are quite affordable too.


Namkura restaurant was opened by a Japanese chef in NYC, after having a successful business in Japan he ventured into opening restaurants in many places. His specialty is making ramen in a very traditional style. Dipped in the delicious broth these noodles give you a heavenly taste.


Minca is one of those restaurants in NYC where people cravingly line up to eat their delicious ramen.The specialty of the ramen here is that it is served with variety of chicken, sea food, vegetables or broths. They offer five types of ramen which is served with thin slices of pork pieces on top.

Ivan Ramen

Ivan is another great chef from Japan. He is very skilled in making a variety of ramen and opened up a restaurant in NYC.  This place provides Ultra-heavy Triple Pork, Triple Garlic Maze men with a variety of add on including pork belly and mushy wheat noodles. It is located in Gotham west, so if you ever go to NYC doesn’t miss out on this spot.


If you are first timer when it comes to eating ramen go to Misoya.They provide the tastiest ramen with many varieties. Curry chicken ramen, pork ramen, egg ramen and many to choose from. They also provide radish and Miso broth as a side dish. They provide you the hottest ramen as compared to other places. Ramen tastes best when it’s hot. Surprisingly this place is also very economical


Totto is located on 52nd street in the west of NYC but has now become one of the most popular places to eat ramen. Chicken broth is very rich, creamy and mushy. Wavy noodles are served with garlic, onion shrimp and so on. You can also add chilies or an egg for enhancing the taste. All the ingredients in proper proportions and delicious taste will make you eat it all in one go.


Don’t forget to try some of these spots if you are on holiday in Newyork. You would not like to miss the tasty ramen here. The prices of ramen are economical and you can easily get a bowl in the range of $15 to $18.So enjoy!

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