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Infernax All Set To Release On Valentine’s Day

The Arcade Crew and developer Berzerk Studio have revealed this week that they have set up a new Infernax. If you haven’t heard much about the latest video game Infernax then read the post below to find out more about it. If you haven’t had a chance to check this game out yet, then this post will provide you with a lot of information regarding this game.

Infernax: What is the video game all about?

Infernax is a love letter and will be a new take on classic retro adventures titles that is from the NES/SNES era of gaming. The players will play as great knights who will be returning to the homeland. He will discover that it has been a long time since the unholy magic has corrupted much of its surroundings. It will be up to the players to take on this new charge and will be saving the world.

You will be given the charge to save your home and uncover all the mysteries that are surrounding this new curse. You will be facing off against the foes and will keep your place under it. Will you be able to save your home? What will be the consequences of the actions that you take? You can check out the trailer and take a glimpse into the world of video games.

Infernax Features

  • Alcedor gains experience and will be able to obtain the powerups. He will slaughter foes and will level up the stats
  • The players will learn new skills and weapons and will paint the screen red with the splatters of blood.
  • Morality-testing decisions will be given to the players as a quest and will prompt the consequences in the adventure.
  • Infernax will be an open world-style design and will be packed with a lot of secrets
  • You can also kickass players, and offer them a satisfying reward for those who are skilled enough to endure a brutal challenge.

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  • Infernax‘s will star the knight and the bachelor Alcedor will be returning to the brutal battle to reach his home.
  • The players will be Armed and will try to change the fate of their world. He will bash through the unholy forces and will earn powerful abilities and upgrades
  • You will uncover the secrets of his land and will shape up the legacy through moral conundrums.
  • Infernaxwill throws you with a classically difficult challenge. If you want to get a reward from the battles and will be getting acquainted with its intensely enthralling quest.

Infernax Release Date

Infernax is the latest video game that is all set to release on Valentine’s Day. If you are excited about this game, then we suggest you free up your schedule for the big day. The video game will drop on 14th February 2022 and the players who have been waiting for the game patiently will not get a sigh of relief. There is not much time left since the video game will come out. Brace yourself because the video game is all set come to your gaming consoles soon.

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