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IndiaBIX Apk Download latest free for android Current version 2.2

IndiaBIX apk is an android application that helps you to prepare for interviews, tests and competitive examinations. The application is available for free and lets you prepare for challenges in a simple and easy way. You can find hundreds of questions and answers and other aptitude test details on this application. It is an excellent app if you are plan to enter a university or school and want to prepare for a test. It can also help you to pass hard and challenging office interviews.


What is indiaBIX?

IndiaBIX is a platform where you can study for preparing examinations, interviews and other challenging tests. The app includes various sections like verbal ability, logical reasoning, Current affairs, interviews and many more. In each section there are many sub categories and when you click on a topic several questions and answers are opened to help you with your query. In aptitude tests they don’t ask you simple and easy questions you need to prepare and only then you would be able to pass. The application offers questions based on various companies and helps you to pass the test. You shouldn’t rely full on the application and also look for other alternatives to prepare for your tests.

Is Indiabix enough for amcat?

Only Indiabix won’t be able to help if you are preparing for amcat. You might need to study from previous years amcat papers and only then you would be able to pass amcat. Indiabox can help you a lot but you cannot completely rely on it.

Why is IndiaBX popular?

When you don’t feel like studying from your book anymore or you can’t find sufficient information in your books Indiabx can be very helpful for you. The application has an interesting pattern and helps you to prepare for your tests in a fun and amazing way. Studying from books and going to libraries can be tiring so it is best to consult IndiaBX. The team of experts behind IndiaBX has worked really hard to prepare different sections of the application. It has helped millions of people in India pass challenging and hard tests.  The application has helped many Indians to enter their desired companies.

IndiaBX easy to navigate

The best thing about IndiaBX is that it is easy to navigate and easy to use. It has a very simple interface and finding your required section is easy. The application can be used by people of 15 and above easily without any problems.

Are there any language options in IndiaBX?

IndiaBX is offered only in English and isn’t in any other language. The users of the application often complain that the application is only available in English. There are many people in India who want to explore the application in Hindi and other languages spoken in India. We hope the makers of the application pay heed to the users demands and add the language option in the application as well.

Prepare for competitive exams with IndiaBX

If you want to prepare for an upcoming competitive exam or are looking to brush up your skills IndiaIX can help you a lot. If you have lost track and want to train your brain IndiaBX has a lot of content that can help you. Many users love the fact the behind every answer there is an explanation or reason behind the explanation. The application has all the parameters related to different fields of studies and can compliment your studies in every way. If you are a fresher IndiaBX can train you for any kind of office interview or exam.

Download IndiaBX Apk for free

The latest version of IndiaBX is available for free and you can download the application with all new and exciting features. To download:

  • Go to playstore
  • Search for IndiaBX in the search icon
  • Download IndiaBX
  • Install IndiaBX
  • Open the App and enjoy using it
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Teodora Torrendo
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