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IN-SEOUL: Season 2 Episode 6 Release Date, Plot& Streaming Details

In-Seoul is a web drama that is now back with a season 2 and five episodes are already passed. People already love the drama and they are sharing great feedback and reviews. The drama which revolves around the studio seems very much relatable to a large sum of audience. Episode 6 will soon be released and we are already halfway through the series as there are a total of 12 episodes. After the success of the first season, the director thought about giving the audience some interesting treat. Today we will be discussing all the latest updates on this exciting web drama so keep reading all the interesting details.

What is the Plot of In-Seoul Season 2?

In seoul 2

In-Seoul is a popular web drama that focuses on the life of Kang Da Mi and Lee Ha Rim. In South Korea, it is the dream of many students to be a part of Seoul University and both these girls manage to do it quite well. They will become each other’s roommates and keep sharing their life details with each other. You will witness a true friendship between two innocent souls and even they also think they have an exemplary friendship. Soon they start to notice that something has been fading away and they don’t enjoy each other’s company anymore. When they participated together at a stage of ennui they started realizing that they are the best of friends.

The show is very much youth-oriented and you will witness such moments that feel very real. It will focus on the aspirations of youth and how they deal with different situations in their life. The director of the show is I’m JiEun and he has written the story quite well. Season one of the shows focused on the love-hate relationship between a mother and daughter. If you think that was an interesting subject to deal with you will have to watch the new season and get all the entertainment.

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Who is in the cast of In-Seoul Season 2?

In-seoul 3

When it comes to a web drama most of the time the young or new actors are given a break. Not many prominent actors are a part of the show but they all have done their part very well. If you have not watched the series yet you can catch up with the trailer in English subtitles. Let’s look at the name of the cast below.

  • MIn Do Hee as Kang Da Mi
  • Jin Ye Ju as Lee Ha Rim
  • Ryeon as Yoon Sung Hyun
  • Lee Ki Aek as Cheol Ddo
  • Jung Hye Rin as Woo Bo Min
  • Yoo Bi as Jin-Soo

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In-Seoul Season 2 episode 6 release date and streaming details

The new episode of In-Seoul will be releasing on 30th June 2020. You will get to witness new episodes every Tuesday and Wednesday and it is available in English Subtitles as well. If you don’t understand the English language it will be no problem at all. If you are residing in Korea you will be lucky to catch up with the show on many Korean TV channels including JTBC, Naver, and Vlive. If you don’t have these channels you can use the official websites to stream the episodes live or even download them.

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