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Ideas To Throw The Most Memorable Party In Town


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When you decide to throw a party, you have a hundred choices. The problem is to choose the best idea and execute it. Parties are a cause of fun. Birthday parties, Halloween parties, Christmas parties, the list of occasions are endless. Costumes are a great way of setting the theme for all of your parties and give you a great reason to raid a costume shop and pick the costume that suits your likes. The other major factor that defines a party is the food and barbecue parties are a reason to devour some tasty smoked meat. Adding a costume dress code for your barbecues is sure to add a fun twist.

So what are some of the ideas that can make a party fun for the invitees?

Barbecue party

A barbeque party is the best way to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Australia is known for its rich variants of meats and other delicacies. It is an excuse to get outdoors and experience the serenity of being in nature. You can choose your backyard or go to a picnic spot away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Tips for planning a Bbq party

Pick a theme

If you want people to talk about your party long after it is over, pick a memorable theme. Design your theme, to suit a specific type of food, festival, location, or interest. A few examples for a barbeque party are

  • All-American BBQ- Hot dogs, Steak, Bacon, etc
  • Hawaiian Luau BBQ- Pork, Spam, etc
  • Beach Barbecue- Seafood, Vegetables
  • Backyard Burger Barbecue- Burger patties
  • Surf & Turf BBQ- Lobster, prawn, and meat

Other things to remember would be to send out themed invitations. You must mention the location, dress code, time, and type of barbecue. For example, inform if it is a potluck. Invitations have to be sent well in advance to make the arrangements.

For a barbecue, the decorations need not be fussed over. It can be minimal rustic decorations according to the theme. Give due attention to the lighting as barbecue parties are ideal for nighttime.

Costume party

A theme is the most vital part of a costume party. The invitees have to be informed well ahead, so they can browse for the ideal costumes at a costume shop to find the one that expresses their personality well. Common themes are

  • Halloween
  • Zombie, Vampires
  • Renaissance
  • Carnival
  • Mardi gras, etc

Decide the size of the party you want. If you are planning something big, it will take anywhere between 3-4 months. Choose your theme wisely; you need to ensure that the costumes your guests will need can be found at your nearest costume shop at a reasonable price.

Organise your budget well in advance. Pay attention to all costs, small and big. Food, venue, decorations, and entertainment are the main aspects to be considered. If you are hosting it with your friends, make sure to include everyone in the planning process.

Compare prices of different venues, musicians, caterers, etc. This can save you a considerable amount of money on costs. This way, you can also ensure you get the best services through comparison. You can have a potluck asking your invitees to bring in the salads and appetisers for the day. You can also save charges for decoration by involving your family in the process.


Parties have to be planned in advance to get the best version of what you want. Make a list of things to be done and check them off one by one, especially purchasing your costume; being the host, yours must be phenomenal. This way, you can be sure you have not missed a step, and your party will be one to remember.

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