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The 5 best shows On Hulu Right Now (2020)

Streaming your favorite shows online isn’t a new thing. In fact, popularity is increasing every year. Hulu is a wonderful app where you can see a lot of shows and movies. Even if you have missed a show on your television because of a busy schedule Hulu will allow fans to stream their favorites online. There are so many shows coming out this May but we have selected some of the best options for you. We will discuss the best 5 shows on Hulu so let’s check it out.

Everything’s Gonna be ok

Australian comedian Josh Thomas is back with a new series everything’s Gonna be ok. It is a comedy-drama where the main character takes care of his sisters after their father dies. One of his sisters is a teenager and is an autistic person. The story is a perfect blend of drama and comedy which will make your heart go emotional. You will love the characters as each one of them has a role to play. Every character is loveable and relatable for everyone to see.

High Fidelity

High Fidelity is an exciting drama that revolves around a man John. He deals with his heartbreaks in an interesting way. Finally, he meets the love of his life Rob but he is not able to fully concentrate on her due to previous relationships. How they decide to be together and become serious is what you should see. It is a good romantic comedy and if you like such concept you will love it. The characters are fun to watch and you will love their cute love story.

You are the worst

If we talk about you are worst it is a romantic comedy where the characters are portrayed as not so perfect. Gretchen and Jimmy are two lazy characters and one is a PR while the other one is a self writer. The two characters try to keep their relationship restricted to physical connection. They soon start falling in love with each other. You will be surprised to see that the show has dealt with the topic of mental health through supporting characters.


Stumptown is a great drama that deals with the character of PSTD in a perfect manner. The story revolves around Dex who has been into an unfortunate accident while serving in the military. Miles who is the male lead of the show is a detective who solves difficult cases. There is a good blend of romance, comedy, and other elements in the drama. You will instantly get attached to the characters. It is promising which you should never miss out. There are so many good options this may that you will be blown out.

Nathan for you

The story revolves around characters who are interested in starting up their small businesses. They can take help from a person who is ready to solve any business problem for them. Nathan is a wonderful character that has a lot of shades. He is wise, fun-loving and cute at the same time. He gets in touch with a person who is clever and gets him entangled in a difficult situation. The way Nathan deals with him and his business situation are yet to be seen. Don’t miss out on this amazing drama especially if you are looking for something new. The concept has not been tried before and you can give it a try.

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