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Backstage News On How WWE Perceives Bray Wyatt

During all this while in WWE Bray Wyatt was viewed as someone that did more harm than any good. With certain people that are working backstage don’t have any good experience with her. Everyone is aware that Bray was released back in July 2021. He has been a part of this company since 10 years now. However the decision was not final since his on-screen presentation. There may be another reason why he was let go. It seems he doesn’t want to talk about it either. Here is more to this story:

Bray Wyatt Is Damaging A Lot of Talent

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According to the latest buzz from backstage Bray Wyatt damaged a lot of talent. He worked by beating all of them successfully. One major example is of Seth Rollins and his feud with Wyatt didn’t actually click in their eyes. Apart from that the company always views him highly in all the other regards.

Bray is selling plenty of merchandize and even promoting everything related to WWE. Even the company is looking for the same and signed up a contract with him. Due to this Bray will earn around $3 million per year for the promotional activities. He was let go by the company but is the third-highest earner currently. He is a little behind Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar.

You will be happy to know that former two-time Universal Champion is giving a lot of good performances. He has clearly proved to be polarizing behind the scenes. If this isn’t enough he is perceived as a top act among WWE. It is all falling into place with the recent comments made by Matt Hardy. The WWE chairman is treating the ‘Eater of the Worlds’ as Hardy has claimed Wyatt has a strange relationship with Vince.

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Vince Looks At Hardy like A Son

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Hardy claims that ‘Vince looks at him like a son’. While talking about his former tag team partner has this interesting story to reveal. However yet at the same time when Bray couldn’t do what Vince like he became really angry. It was evident with the hold and cold booking he had throughout his career run with WWE.

Since the time of his release Bray is yet to make a comeback into the wrestling world. He recently took his social media to tease some facts. Similarly he plans to make a comeback in the near future and his posts look the same too.

As he is only teasing that he will come back inside the ring it may not happen. Following his departure no one is there to fill the void in the near future. His antics and gimmicks are special that are loved by many people.

WWE will be pushing the Judgement Day faction when it comes to being more supernatural. This is one of the reasons why Edge was taken out of this group. He has been against that change in the direction.

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