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Understanding CELO: Beginner’s Guide

Until today, no one can ever know for sure if investing in any particular cryptocurrency is a great investment that will bring you a huge return. What we can say, though, is that CELO is currently one of the top 100 cryptocurrencies, which we can assume means that a lot of crypto traders believe in it. Celo is an open-source Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain platform, designed to allow its users access to useful financial tools on their mobile devices. The objective behind the project is to serve as a connection between people around the world and offer financial stability.

The platform allows building an ecosystem of powerful applications on its blockchain, some of which are designed for easier cash transfer programs, small-scale collaborative insurance, wallets to store tokens, peer-to-peer lending, and so on.

It works in a way that makes the community itself the developer of the project, allowing them to earn money by hosting the software that validates transactions and forwards requests from their smartphone. The network is also great for developers because it synchronizes more than a million times faster than other blockchains.

Celo Native Tokens

The Celo platform operates its own native tokens, CELO, and Celo Dollars. CELO is designed as a governance token and a utility for the platform, while Celo Dollar (CUSD) is the platform’s native stablecoin. Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies that try to offer stability. To do this, they implement an algorithmic stabilization mechanism, which is backed by reserves. As the name suggests Celo Dollars are tied to the US dollar.

How to Buy CELO?

The easiest way to buy CELO crypto is to sign up for a crypto exchange that supports it. Exchanges are online platforms that allow buying, selling, and trading of cryptocurrencies. They differ not only in the fee they assign to transactions or even signing up but also in how secure they are and which payment methods they support. So before choosing one, you should conduct thorough research and find which is most favorable for your situation and requirements.

How to Earn CELO?

There are two ways to earn rewards on Celo. The first one is to become a validator, as validators are rewarded for their participation in epoch rewards. The second one is to provide compute resources, even without staking funds.


Celo uses a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, which makes its translations faster and cheaper. The protocol is performed by nods, selected as validators, even if a third of the total nodes aren’t working (for instance if they are offline). The decision is final when a quorum is reached.

Main Characteristics and Benefits

Several things characterize the Celo network and make it different and quite interesting. They also show how it can be very beneficial. By offering the two tokens, it’s trying to become a hybrid alternative, between collateralized coins and entirely algorithmic coins.

As we mentioned before, Celo aims to bring decentralized finances (DeFi) to any user, through their mobile devices. This makes it possible for anyone to connect their phone number with their crypto wallet. This way, it opens many financial possibilities including getting cryptocurrency loans or offering liquidity in exchange for annual returns.

Because of that, it can have a very real impact on people’s daily, bringing DeFi so close to them, and solving real problems. The network is also great for developers because it synchronizes more than a million times faster than other blockchains.

Furthermore, it’s an open network, and it’s completely compatible with Ethereum. And, as a result, it allows developers and artists to build new applications on its network. In addition, it’s possible to make transactions from Celo to other blockchains that support smart contracts, such as Ethereum, Solana, Near, and Cosmos, without the high gas costs.

Since, as we mentioned previously, CELO tokens are governance tokens, holders can vote on proposals for changes and updates. This includes upgrades to the protocol or modifications to the asset allocation of the reserve target.


Final Words

Even though crypto trading is risky, especially because the coins are volatile, if you are careful, conduct thorough research before investing, and always make sure to invest only an amount that you can afford to lose, investing in cryptocurrency can be very profitable. One of the most important things to look at when investigating is the vision behind a crypto project. Celo aims to bring DeFi closer to the everyday person, a vision that aligns with the main point of cryptocurrencies.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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