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How to Set Up Your Studio Apartment?

When you are living in a studio apartment, at times you might feel challenged on the space front to rearrange things in a more organized manner. The idea of having every piece of furniture you own and your belongings all cramped within a space of 600 square feet is highly chaotic in the head. On a different note, have you ever wondered about the perks of staying in a studio apartment?

Well, we are here to teach you to live large in the confined space of a studio apartment. Here are some tried and proven ways to set up your studio apartment in the best possible manner:

A separate seating area

separate seating area
separate seating area

Start thinking in terms of imaginary zones once you get down to the task of setting up your studio. You don’t want your guests who have come to binge-watch a show on Netflix snacking on your bed. Have a defined space for the seating corner of your studio apartments near Tucson which also means that you will have a clean bed for yourself at night and you won’t have to run to clean the sheets every time you invite friends.

You have the choice of selecting from the range of a sofa-cum-bed, a love seat, or a sofa that fits your apartment’s living area. If you are going ahead with a futon or a double duty sofa, a super soft nectar pillow is what you need to be lying on in a total temperature comfort elegance. It will also render a graceful look to the living area.

Closet innovation chronicles

For those times when you work from home, you can set up unique office space by transforming a closet into a fully-functioning workspace. If you are missing your storage drawer from the office, you can even slip rolling carts under your desk.

Storage spaces with artwork

Storage spaces with artwork
Storage spaces with artwork

If you have a storage cabinet on the wall, you can get creative and have some artwork on its door. This way you will have a quirky art piece that also serves as a storage. If your studio apartment has high ceilings, a loft bed is one of the wisest things that you can craft to have an open feel to your place.

For more storage space, you can also use the space under the staircase leading to the loft bed to store items that you don’t want to be seen scattered all around. Make sure you fix handrails to the stairs for safety reasons. Use the same paint colours on the storage shelves as the walls of the apartment as this will make them easier to blend in. Creative horizontal wall shelves also act as remarkable storage for books and knick-knacks.

See-through furniture is a good choice

Heavy furniture made of wood, wicker, or Lucite chairs makes the apartment appear to be heavily packed. Choose a transparent centre table or chairs to make the room have a breathing space. Compared to modern-day furniture, mid-century designs are closer to the floor which give an impression of taller walls in the apartment.

Versatile furniture is a saviour

Building furniture that can serve more than one purpose is truly a blessing. A kitchen table can also be used as a dining table and if it is a flip-down table, it just gets even better. You can fold this table once you are done using it – more area to move around!

When it comes to picking the right bed and a bed frame, a luxurious organic latex mattress and a nectar bed frame made with solid pine and natural spruce are just what you need for redefining luxury in a studio apartment. An expandable coffee table or a modular sofa can also go a long way in making the apartment look spacious. A piece of useful advice for buying sofas is to opt for the ones that do not have armrests. This will save your living room from looking like a claustrophobic trigger.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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