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How To Match Outfits as a Couple

There are many ways couples can express their feelings for each other. Holding hands, shared giggles, a peck on the mouth, you name it. But nothing quite tells the world that you and your partner love each other, like wearing matching outfits. It’s hard not to smile when you see a pair of lovebirds walking hand in hand across the street dressed in clothes bearing prints of the same color.


Matching outfits can be done in more than one way. Besides coordinating the colors of your blouses or bottoms, you can have your outfits fashioned out of the same fabric. You can also top off your ensembles with accessories that rhyme. There are many ways you and your sweetheart can use your attire to express your feelings.

Match by Season

When winter rolls around, you and your partner can shop for the same design of puff jackets then top them off with knitted beanies with the same pattern. You will likely wear many different types of jackets during the cold season, and all of them present opportunities for you and your significant other to showcase your love. If you are attending a more formal engagement, you can have the same cut of trench coat.

Sweaters offer another avenue for you and your partner to match throughout the winter. You can get sweaters with similar knitted patterns for when you’re indoors and can begin to shed the layers. Christmas is known as the season of good cheer and ugly sweaters. Get yourselves Christmas sweaters with matching patterns but slightly different colors or oversize sweaters in the symbolic red of the occasion for fridge magnet-worthy photo moments.

Spring is the season of vibrant colors. As you begin to shed the layers, you can stock up on lighter outfits that reflect the hues of April and the vibrance of your romance. A floral pattern sundress for her and a shirt with a similar pattern for him is one way you can showcase your love in spring.

Another is t-shirts with cute, love-centered messages. It will warm the hearts of many to see “Mr. Right” and “Mrs. Right” strolling together hand in hand, maybe even more than the brightening weather.

Match by Colors

There are many ways you can play around with colors to create an element of similarity in two outfits. The most basic way is for you and your lover to color block in the same color. Both of you can do your morning run in all-black Nike windbreakers and tights. Or you could rock a matching combination of red top and blue denims for that casual couples’ meet-up.

You could switch up the matching colors game by rocking opposite color tops and bottoms. A black top, white bottom for her, white top black bottom for him or vice-versa. When it comes to colored patterns and shapes, the options are virtually unlimited.

Some couples will want to find the middle ground between designs that are overly masculine and those that may be considered feminine. But you don’t have to, in fact, the more unique your choice, the better. Let your imagination run wild as you select the patterns and fabrics to produce your shared look.

Match by Occasion

If you are attending a special event as a couple, you can make a mark on the occasion by stepping out in matching bespoke outfits. A cocktail party or awards gala is the perfect excuse to be your most dapper or chic with a tailored tuxedo paired off with a dark evening gown. You can top off the look with accessories that play off each other—designer watches in a matching design or a tie that plays off the lady’s clutch bag.

A pool party would be the ideal setting for you to find a matching sporty look. You can don his and hers polo shirts with matching shorts. You can also make your t-shirts match with tracksuit bottoms and sneakers with colors that mildly complement each other. Matching Versace glasses with similar tints will ensure everyone around you notices the effort.

Expressing Love With Your Threads Need Not Be Costly

The extent to which you can use your outfits to tell the world about your love is not simply about how much you can spend. It is more about your desire to express your love in this way and your level of creativity. Your outfits don’t all have to be expensive bespoke ensembles from high-cost tailors. A bit of savvy online shopping can see you get incredibly cute get-ups at discounted prices.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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