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How To Get Your Hair Winter Ready With Kevin Murphy And Utiee

Our hair is sensitive. As in summer, we use special treatment to protect it from heat and direct sunlight, the same we need to do in winter by protecting our hair from cold and temperature change.

Winter is not the best time for hair, so you need to pay special attention to it. Cold, wind, and temperature changes, the blood supply in the hair follicles is disrupting. Therefore, the hair becomes oily at roots faster and dry at the ends, it becomes harder to manage the hair. You need to properly prepare your hair for winter if you want it to stay healthy and well-groomed. Utiee together with one of our favorite hair care brands would like to help you with this.

Follow these simple tips on how to take care of your hair in winter and we promise your hair will not be harmed by cold and temperature changes. Do not go out with wet hair, you can catch a cold, and your hair could freeze and start breaking. Wear a hat. Yes, because of that your hair quickly becomes oily and electrified, but cold constrict blood vessels, so the scalp does not receive enough oxygen, and hair begins to fall out. Take vitamins, your health affects the way your hair looks. Use special winter hair products from Kevin Murphy. We highly recommend you to try out these products:

Angel.Wash + Angel.Rinse

Kevin Murphy Angel line is created to reduce the negative influence of external factors and provides effective hydration. The abundance of natural extracts in the product gently cleanses the hair, prolongs colorfastness, and transforms brittle and damaged hair. Kevin Murphy Angel.Wash and Rinse together is the perfect care for fine bleached hair. After just a few washes, you will be able to see the difference.


It is a leave-in treatment that intensively moisturizes the scalp, nourishes and softens the hair. Eliminates the frizz and creates the base for styling. The formula has vitamin C, which provides protection from environmental pollution, moisturizes, and adds shine. Burdock root extract – strengthens and plumps hair prevents dandruff and hair loss. Grapefruit extract stimulates hair growth and improves microcirculation in the scalp.


Is a professional detoxifying shampoo for colored hair. It effectively removes from the hair structure not only impurities and residues of styling products but also limescale, which is one of the most common causes of dullness. The product gently exfoliates dead cells that clog the follicle orifices and normalizes hair growth. Essential oils saturate the cuticles with moisture, vitamins, and microelements to restore the strength and elasticity of damaged hair.


This Styling Spray nourishes and repairs hair while giving it incredible shine and elasticity without weighing it down. Perfect for creating/finishing voluminous soft hairstyles.

You can order all Kevin Murphy products on our website, We offer free return and free shipping on orders over $35. All the products are original.

At Utiee, we care about your hair health!

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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