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How to Get Rid of Forehead Wrinkles?

If your forehead wrinkles have started to become prominent and you want to get rid of them then you are at the right place. There are many sites on the internet that suggest that massaging your forehead once a day can make your forehead wrinkles go away. This might not be effective because most people suffering from this problem don’t get the desired results with this home remedy. We will be sharing some tips for getting rid of your forehead wrinkles with you that come directly from top dermatologists and makeup artists. Read on to know the details.

What causes forehead wrinkles?

The repeated movement of the forehead muscle can cause forehead wrinkles. The wrinkles can form in our 20s and 30s and can make your face look aged and ugly. People with dry skin also get wrinkles at an early age so it is important to moisturize your skin every day.

Is it possible to treat forehead wrinkles at home?

Fortunately, forehead wrinkles can be treated at home using simple and easy methods. You should consider getting serums and creams that include ingredients like peptides. The products help with collagen production and make your skin smooth. The creams and serums that are effective must be applied once a day and it will take at least 8 weeks for the forehead wrinkles to go away using these skincare products.

There are some wrinkle removal technologies available in the market. They can help to make your skin soft and wrinkle-free. The high tech laser devices are available in dermatologists’ offices and you can get them prescribed. The face lasers are tested and are perfect for home use.

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What is the fastest way to get rid of forehead wrinkles?

forehead wrinkles

If you want your forehead wrinkles to fade away quickly then it would be best to visit a dermatologist’s office. Here is how you can get immediate results.


A dermatologist can help you to get rid of your forehead wrinkles immediately. There are toxin injections that help the wrinkles to appear no longer on your skin. The injections stop the forehead muscles to contract and this allows the skin to relax and become smooth. These injections can cost you around $200 to $600.

Skin resurfacing lasers

If you want to get rid of your wrinkles permanently then getting skin resurfacing laser treatment is the best option. The treatment is done in various sessions and you will be required to attend the treatment sessions more than once. The treatment will cost you around $ 350 to $1000.

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Can you hide forehead wrinkles using makeup?

You should avoid using a foundation that is too thick. It will make your wrinkles more apparent so avoid using such foundation. Use a clean makeup sponge to tab over the foundation you have put on your face. Use a primer and mat it well all over your face so that it can help to fill in the lines temporarily. You can also choose specific makeup colors that will help you to hide your wrinkles. A peach cream blush and a shimmery eye shadow can make the wrinkles become less visible.

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