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How to Avoid Blind Spot Truck Accidents

While most drivers are used to seeing 18-wheelers and trucks on congested roads, many are unaware that big trucks have substantial blind zones, rendering them susceptible to severe collisions.

These blind spots, in which the truck driver cannot see other cars, are responsible for thousands of accidents annually. Some drivers of passenger cars are caught unaware of security since trucks are higher above the ground and should have superior visibility. In fact, truckers have multiple blind spots surrounding the semi where they cannot see oncoming vehicles. The trucking industry refers to these blind zones as “No Zones.”

If you are not careful at these No Zones, the likelihood of getting involved in an accident increases dramatically. But if you are ever involved in an accident and feel it is not your fault, you can always contact a truck accident lawyer to help clear misunderstandings. Here are a few tips to help you avoid blind spot truck accidents.

Be careful when driving next to a truck.

If you cannot see the truck driver’s reflection in the side mirror when driving next to a truck, then the truck driver cannot see you. This could mean that you are likely in the driver’s blind area; therefore, you should relocate your car to improve its visibility. That way, the truck driver can see you, and the chances of accidents reduce significantly.

Pass quickly

Don’t hang out on the side of the truck where the No Zones are if you’re trying to get past a truck. Ideally, overtake the truck as quickly and safely as possible so that the truck’s driver can notice your car.

Do not tailgate

Since some truck blind spots extend about 30ft behind them, driving too closely might result in a catastrophic collision. Sometimes, it may be necessary for a truck driver to slam on the brakes due to road impediments. If the driver is unaware you are following closely, you may not have enough time to stop, leading to a deadly accident.

Avoid cutting off trucks when merging

There are multiple reasons why swerving in front of huge commercial trucks is dangerous. The primary one is that driving your car directly in front of a massive truck will conceal your presence from the driver, and if the truck driver does not know you are there, they can smash your car.

Accidents involving motor vehicles can be incredibly traumatic and devastating for everyone concerned. The consequences of a collision involving a truck can be even much more horrifying. When involved in a truck accident, drivers face the challenge of navigating complex insurance issues and powerful insurance companies. In addition, the process of getting compensation for your injuries is made more difficult by the convoluted federal and state regulations that govern the commercial trucking business. You will need the assistance of an experienced lawyer who specializes in truck accidents. Such a lawyer has the resources, expertise, and attention to help you get what you are entitled to.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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