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How Not to Summon a Demon Lord Season 2 Release Date& Other Important Updates

2020 has been an amazing year as many animes are releasing and you will be happy to know that Anime Expo Lite is also coming up with several important announcements. How not to summon a demon lord is coming up with season two and this is happening due to the huge popularity of season one. At the beginning of New Year Crunchyroll Originals also announced a good lineup of animes so people can enjoy it to the fullest. Today we will be discussing all the important details we have about the new season.

What is the synopsis of How not to summon a demon lord?

how not to summon a demon lord 2

Earlier this month synopsis of the series was released and discussed by Crunchyroll Originals. The most important thing to know is that the series has been adopted by a novel series and will now be released as an anime series. The novel is already popular among people and if you have read the novel you will be interested in watching this series a lot more. The story will revolve around Takuma Sakamoto and he is a secluded gamer.

The twist arrives when he plays an interesting game and is transported into the game due to an unseen circumstance. Cross Reverie is his favorite game and he moves into the game with his actual appearance but now he has become a character and dwelling inside the game. He is bound to become a slave of some very different characters and Demon Lord Diablo is one of those people. Yukiya Tsurusaki is the writer of the series and it will have a total of 12 episodes. The season one has a different story but the new season is going to be bigger and better than before.

Will How not to summon a demon lord come back with a season 2?

how not to summon a demon lord 3

How not to summon a demon lord has officially been renewed with a new season and the official announcement was made on the Japanese website. The makers are planning to release the season as soon as possible and they want to make the most of it. Yukiya believes that season two should come out when the popularity of the first season is still in full swing.

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What are the strongest characters from how not to summon a demon lord season 2?

how not to summon a demon lord 1

There are many prominent characters which the viewers will get to see in this anime series. All of them hold a lot of importance but some are stronger than the others. They are very unique and powerful and will have a different story to tell. The strongest ones among them are mentioned below.

  • God
  • Original Demon Lord
  • Great Demon Lord of Insanity Modinalam
  • Demon Lord of the Soul Krebskulm (Fully Awakened)
  • True Demon Lord of another World Diablo.
  • 13th Master Swordsman Graham Sasara
  • 12th Master Swordsman Graham.
  • Hero of the Shining Sword Chester Ray Galford

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How not to summon a demon lord Season 2 release date

How not to summon a demon lord will be coming back with a season two by the end of 2021. There is still a lot of work which needs to be done so it will take some time to release. Till now we don’t have any official date of release but as the time comes near we will be getting more updates.

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