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The Baker and the Beauty: Release Date, Plot, Cast And More

Dean Georgaris is the man behind the romantic series The baker and the beauty. The Israeli romantic-comedy series Beauty and the Baker is out now and it has received an overwhelming response from the audience. “The Baker And The Beauty” is a popular series that airs on Universal Television.  The original Israeli show is rated among the highest-rated scripted series and has topped the rating charts in Israel. If you like watching Israeli shows then here is everything you need to know about The Baker and the beauty.

The Baker and the beauty Release Date

The Baker and The Beauty have already been released. The first episode of the series aired on April 13, 2020. The show is a light-hearted comedy and is the perfect show to watch during lazy days. The show has garnered decent ratings.

Will we get The Baker and the beauty season 2?

baker and the beauty2

The Baker and the beauty might not get renewed for another season as the show lacked viewership. It did receive decent ratings on the ABC Network but the ratings were not that outstanding either. The fans can expect the renewal only if the ABC network permits the maker to come up with a new season despite the average ratings.

The baker and the beauty season is a highly-rated script and received decent ratings. The US adaptation of the show performed averagely in the USA and other parts of the world. The network is not interested in giving it a second chance.  According to rumors, the show has been canceled after the first season finale.

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The Baker and the beauty plot

the baker

The Baker And The Beauty tell the story of a regular baking business. The bakery is run by a boy. He falls in love with a successful model. Sparks fly between them, and both set out on a journey of unexpected love and honesty.

The Baker And The Beauty lead character Daniel Garcia belongs to a middle-class family. He is a dedicated family man and lives with his lovely Cuban parents and siblings. He runs the family Bakery business and does everything which his family tells him to do. He runs Rafael’s Bakery and doesn’t have anything special in life until he crosses paths with Noa Hollander. She is an international superstar.

Daniel and Noa meet in Miami, and they enjoy being together. They fall for each other. Things get serious between them and they wonder how this relationship will work as the two belong to completely different families and lifestyles.

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The Cast Of The Baker And The Beauty

Victor Rasuk is the lead guy in The Baker And The Beauty. He plays the role of Daniel Garcia. Nathalie Kelley plays Noa Hamilton, who is a famous model. The main cast includes:

  • Dan Bucatinsky as Noa’s Manager Lewis
  • David Del Río as Daniel’s younger brother
  • Mateo Garcia
  • Belissa Escobedo as Daniel
  • Mateo’s younger sister Natalie
  • Lisa Vidal as Mari Garcia
  • Carlos Gómez as owner of Rafael’s bakery
  • Georgina Reilly as Noa’s Best Friend Piper
  • Madelyn Sher as Natalie’s love interest Amy
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