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Price of Netflix: How Much Does It Cost to Subscribe?

Are your parents not allowing you to watch Netflix on their account because you haven’t been getting bad grades at school? Have you been using your friend’s account and he has finally changed his password and you aren’t being able to access it anymore? Are you broke and you don’t want to pay extra money for watching TV? If your answer is yes to any of these questions then you must be curious about knowing the price of Netflix. You just got lucky because we have the answer to those questions.

The subscribers that belong to the US Netflix has 3 types of subscription plans that vary in price and the price range depends on your streaming needs. If you live alone and don’t want to stream Netflix for a long time then you should consider getting a Basic plan. If you love watching movies and Netflix originals most of time you are at home and you also can’t compromise on the quality then considering the premium plan is a good idea. The premium plan lets you stream movies and other shows in high definition. Netflix is a popular platform for watching movies and there are multiple options and price options if you want to subscribe to Netflix.

Are you planning to subscribe to Netflix sometime soon? Check out the subscription offers and price range of Netflix given below.

What is the cheapest price of Netflix?

What is the cheapest price of NetflixNetflix comes up with three different subscription tiers and offers different price range for all subscriptions. The subscriptions offer various streams, download options and HD streams. The Netflix plans prices hiked in 2019 and the cheapest plan offered by Netflix is available at $8.99 per month. The plan allows the user to stream at one device at a time in SD quality and enables the user to download on just one device.

What is the price of 2 screen plans in Netflix?

There are many plans and packages offered by Netflix for their valued customers.The standard plan of Netflix are $12.99 in cost. Each package offers monthly, weekly or yearly subscription and it promises a lot of fun and entertainment. The standard plan will help you watch your favorite shows or movies on two different platforms at one time. The kind of package will be suitable for couples or small families who want to watch movies together and spend some quality time together. The subscribers get a chance to stream their favorite stuff in HD quality and the best thing is that they can even download it on two different devices at one time.

What is the price of Netflix subscription for 4 screens?

One of the most expensive subscription packages from Netflix is called the Premium package. It will cost you $15.99 each month. You can stream up to 4 screens all at once without any problems. It is double the fun and entertainment as compared to the 2 screen plans. The streaming quality is Ultra high definition. The customers can download their movies and dramas to four devices which can be your phone, tablet or Television screen.

How can you upgrade your Netflix plan?

Upgrading to the Netflix plan is quite easy and you don’t need to do much. You just have to visit the official website and upgrade your account by subscribing to a new plan. There is a plan details section where you have to click and do your task. You can choose any payment method which looks convenient for you. Nowadays the craze for Netflix is increasing each day and the qualities of original series they have been bringing are top notch. Don’t forget to subscribe or upgrade your account now!

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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