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How Much Does A Tiger Weigh and The Tale of The Tape

Tigers are the largest cats on the planet and are one of the supreme predators in our world. They are incredible hunters because of the size, intelligence and agility they naturally possess. An adult male Bengal tiger can weigh up to 600 pounds, while other species of tigers weigh much less. Therefore, it is difficult to answer the question of how much a tiger weighs without knowing what species we are talking about.

Of the ten known species of tigers that have traveled the planet, only six remain. The loss of land, food and the inability to coincide with humans has led mainly to this disappearance. For these same reasons, the life expectancy of an adult tiger has also decreased. This is important when talking about the weight of the tiger, as it shows that they are not getting as big as they could be. It is believed that male Bengal Tigers regularly grew to more than 900 pounds in the wild at any given time.

Tigers are one of the best killing machines on the planet. They are as large as a family car and heavier than three adult male adults. You don’t want to meet a tiger in the jungle, unless you want your wife to take advantage of that life insurance policy! These animals can eat up to 60 pounds. of food in a single serving if the dam is large enough.

This had made them one of the most dominant symbols in the world. It is believed that having a stuffed tiger or a tiger skin shows someone that you are dominant. Over the years, poachers have rapidly reduced populations from hundreds of thousands to less than four thousand this year. This factor has a great influence on the question of “how much a tiger weighs” because they simply aren’t getting as big as they could a hundred years ago.

In recent years, all countries where the Tigers still remain have come together to ensure that these majestic animals survive the current decline. They have promised to double the amount of Tigers in the next 10 years and have already reversed the trend. We are happy to see that they care enough to make an effort to reverse the damage that humans have done.

How Much Does A Bengal Tiger Weigh

Bengal tigers are the second heaviest wild cat species that exist. They are also the most common tiger species that remain in existence. They represent more than half of the population of tigers left in the wild.

An adult male Bengal tiger has an average weight of 600 lbs., While a female will remain in the range of 300 lbs. Of course, that is only an average and scientists have discovered animals that are well outside that range. Siberian tigers in the more rural areas of Nepal, Bhutan and Assam constantly produce tigers weighing more than 500 pounds.

How Much Does A Siberian Tiger Weigh

Siberian Tiger Weigh
(Image credit: Photo by Dušan Smetana on Unsplash)

When it comes to the weight of the Siberian tiger, it is important to keep in mind that the average weight has decreased significantly in the last 50 years. The average weight for an adult man is in the range of 500 pounds. and females average 300 lbs. As with the other species of tigers, there are rare occasions when tigers are discovered that are far outside that range.

Siberian tigers are the largest wild cat species, only slightly larger than Bengal tigers. These tigers are native to Russia’s eastern cost, but conservation efforts seek to expand that small habitat to parts of China. Recent studies estimate that less than 600 Siberian tigers remain in the wild.

Indochinese Tiger

These tigers are very rare, and an estimated 400 remain in the wild. They are native to the mountainous regions of South Asia. Indochino male tigers weigh an average of 400 pounds. Your female counterparts will be in the range of 250 pounds. When they are fully developed.

Malayan Tiger

Scientists have just discovered that this species is not genetically equal to Indochinese species. It is estimated that less than 400 of this species remain in the wild. They are much smaller than the other species, with adult males weighing just over 200 pounds. and females weighing half of that.

South China Tiger

The tiger in southern China is one of the 20 most threatened animals on the planet. There has been no confirmed sighting of this species in more than 25 years. When it comes to the weight of the tiger, the males will be in the range of 400 pounds. and the females average 240 lbs.

What About The Other Species?

The other species of tigers are much less common than the Siberian and Bengal tigers. So, if you ask “how much does a Tiger weigh?“, Then you are probably talking about one of these two species. The other species are much smaller and represent less than 10% of the total tiger population.

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