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Hernan Cortes, neither idol or villain, in the Oscar Jaenada series

The Spanish actor Oscar Jaenada during the presentation of the new Amazon series “Hernan“, this Tuesday in Madrid. EFE

Neither idol nor villain, a leader who did not step back and “obsessed” with sex. This is the Hernán Cortés who gives life Oscar Jaenada in the first of the two series that Amazon plans to release on the Spanish conqueror and that arrives Thursday at the platform in Spain and Latin America.

Suspicious of the political and controversial dyes that the theme of the conquest of America still entails 500 years later, Jaenada has emphasized the historical rigor with which the script of this series of eight episodes that narrates the conquest of Mexico since the perspective of each of its protagonists.

The Catalan actor considers it striking that at present the visions remain as opposed to both sides of the Atlantic as well as the fact that in Spain “little is said” about this figure, despite its historical importance.

“We must end this silence and tell who Hernán Cortés was, what happened to him and his men and what they found there because it is the history of our country and Mexico,” he said Tuesday during the presentation of the series in the House of Mexico in Madrid.

“It is going to politicize for sure, because everything is politicized here,” he lamented, “but I can assure you that there is no political comma, there have been several historians constantly present to give credibility.”

This “Hernán” is a production of the Mexican company Dopamine in collaboration with the Spanish company Onza whose rights Amazon has bought and has nothing to do with the four-hour miniseries that Amazon Studios and Amblin Television (Steven Spielberg) will produce with Javier Bardem in the lead role.

“Javier told me eight years ago in Hawaii – in the filming of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ – I am waiting as May water to see his work, as he is mine, we are both interested in History and this profession”, Jaenada has assured.

Filmed in natural locations and built expressly in Mexico and Spain, this series has had the participation of the Spanish special effects company El Ranchito, known for their work in “Game of Thrones”, at the head of the reconstruction of the spectacular Tenochtitlan, in addition to other historical places.

The cast also includes Víctor Clavijo (Captain Cristóbal de Olid), Michel Brown (Captain Alvarado), Dagoberto Gama (Moctezuma), Jorge Guerrero (Xiconténcatl), Almagro San Miguel (Captain Sandoval), Isabel Bautista (Marina / Malinche) and Aura Garrido (Doña Juana).

According to Jaenada, the expression “burn the ships”, which comes precisely from a military maneuver carried out by Hernán Cortés, defines his life. “He was riding dodgy, could not back down and almost always had to do with messes of skirts,” said the actor.

“I could not return to Salamanca because he was with the rector’s wife, in Cuba the same, in Coyoacán he ended up with 40 women … he had an OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) with the female sex.”

Set in 1519, each of the eight episodes of “Hernán” is narrated from the point of view of a character, from Moctezuma to Alvarado and from Olid to Malintzin to discover all the angles of the controversial main figure, a skilled diplomat with ” moral ambiguity, “as described by Amazon.

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The other series, the one starring Bardem, will begin shooting next year. The project features a script by Steven Zaillian (“Schindler’s List”, “The Irish”), which in turn is based on a text by Dalton Trumbo that explored the relationship between Cortes and Emperor Moctezuma.

Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna will be executive producers – initially, it would be Spielberg himself – and the direction will be in charge of Colombians Ciro Guerra and Cristina Gallego.

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