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Here’s how to use WhatsApp Web on your PC, laptop or tablet

What’s App is an application for sending and receiving messages. WhatsApp has been around for a while now and there isn’t a single day that we spend without using WhatsApp. The application offers a convenient and simple method of sending and receiving messages so the popularity of the app was obvious. You can also have a voice call on your WhatsApp and talk to the users that use the application.

WhatsApp is basically an Application for mobile but the popularity of it has taken over the world and as a result, WhatsApp is also available for use on the web. You can now exchange messages with your friends while using your laptop or computer because WhatsApp is now offering WhatsApp Web. Since you have been used to using WhatsApp on phone you might be a little confused about how to use it on your PC, laptop or tablet. If you are facing any such confusion we are providing you with a complete guide to use WhatsApp web on your devices other than the phone.

Sync your WhatsApp mobile data to other devices

Are you still using WhatsApp on your mobile device and don’t know how to use WhatsApp web? Are you unsure if you would be able to sync all the data of your mobile account on your laptop or tablet? By following a few simple and easy steps you can sync all your data from your mobile phone to your laptop or tablet and start from where you left on your phone. If your phone is lost or isn’t working WhatsApp web is there to save you. If you make a move on your phone WhatsApp application the same will be applied to your web account because the data is synced completely and works as one.

How to Use WhatsApp on your computer?

There are two ways of using WhatsApp on your computer:

WhatsApp desktop

When you are using your computer you just have to search for the WhatsApp desktop application on the search engine and you can find various sites that are offering to download the desktop application for free. Just download it and the application will take a few minutes to launch on your desktop. Download it and install it on your desktop and you are ready to enjoy WhatsApp on your desktop.

WhatsApp Web     

If you don’t want to consume extra space and storage on your desktop you can always use the web version of the application. The web version is easy to use and Is just like a website where you just have to insert your account details to use the platform.

How to view WhatsApp on your browser

  • If you want to use the web version of the WhatsApp just open your browser and go to
  • If you are using android phone check the right corner on the top of the home page of WhatsApp and click WhatsApp web
  • You will be instructed to use the camera of your android phone to allow it to scan QR code
  • You just have to face your mobile camera to scan the code on your PC
  • Log out from all the devices on your phone

How to install WhatsApp web on your computer?

  • Install the application of WhatsApp web on your PC, laptop or desktop
  • Download the file and install it on your desktop
  • If you have a windows computer you will have to follow the instructions in the installation menu and for Mac users, you can just drag the application to the app page
  • Open the WhatsApp application
  • The application will allow you to logged in the App until you choose to log out
Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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