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Hell’s Kitchen Season 20: Meet The Young Guns

Gordan Ramsay is back with another exciting season of Hell’s Kitchen. The show has released its Season 20 and it aired its first episode on May 31. The culinary competition is back with a bang with its 20th season. The season will feature some “Young Guns” as all the chefs in the competition are under 25 years of age.


Hell’s Kitchen: What to expect from Season 20?

Chef Gordon Ramsay is back with season 20 of Hell’s Kitchen: Young Guns. The show is shot in Las Vegas and will feature 18 aspiring chefs. The chefs will face rigorous culinary challenges with each passing round. One winner will be named at the end of the show and the winner will walk away with the position of Head Chef at Gordon Ramsay Steak at Paris Las Vegas.

Hell’s Kitchen Release Date

hells kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 released on Monday, May 31 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT). The culinary competition HELL’S KITCHEN is back in Las Vegas. The city is home to five of Ramsay’s restaurants, that includes the Gordon Ramsay HELL’S KITCHEN restaurant at Caesars Palace. The show will feature 18 aspiring chefs from across the country.

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Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 Prize

All the chefs participating in the show will be aged 23 years old or younger. The chefs will be facing a lot of challenges in the competition. The competition will get more intense, and the chefs will start to face even more rigorous culinary challenges. The rewards and punishments will continue in the competition until the winner is announced. The winner will be awarded a life-changing grand prize. The winner will also get a Head Chef position at Gordon Ramsay Steak in Paris Las Vegas.

Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 Preview

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The first episode of Hell’s Kitchen aired on May 31st. The preview for the 2nd episode showed a lot of exciting clips for the next episodes. In the following previews, the emotions start to boil and the contestants get under pressure. Ramsay kicks off the season and gives the contestants a tour of Hell’s Kitchen history. Ramsay also shares fresh thoughts and reactions about the past seasons’ moments. FOX’s Hell’s Kitchen: Young Guns is produced by ITV Entertainment.

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Hell’s Kitchen Cast

Kevin Argueta Age 21 Los Angeles, California
Josie Clemens Age 22 Macomb, Michigan
Payton Cooper Age 21 Lexington, Kentucky
Sam Garman Age 23 Fleetwood, Pennsylvania
Trenton Garvey Age 23 Union, Missouri
Brynn Gibson Age 21 Vienna, Virginia
Megan Gill Age 23 Denton, Texas
Steven Glenn Age 21 Richmond, Virginia
Ava Harren Age 23 Anchorage, Alaska
Emily Hersh Age 22 San Antonio, Texas
Keanu Hogan Age 23 Baltimore, Maryland
Matthew Francis Johnson Age 24 Duluth, Minnesota
Alex Lenik Age 22 Chicago, Illinois
Antonio Ruiz Age 23 Great Falls, Montana
Jayaun Smith Age 23 Kansas City, Missouri
Victoria Sonora Age 21 Longmont, Colorado
Morgana Vesey Age 21 New London, Connecticut
Kiya Willhelm Age 22 Barrelville, Maryland


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