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Hector Macho Camacho Net worth, Bio, Career, Relationships & More

Héctor Luís Camacho Matías is popularly known as “Macho” Camacho. He was professional boxer and entertainer. Many people are getting inspiration by him as he has made many records during his career. You will not be surprised to know that he is the first ever boxer who is recognized as a sevenfold champion. His records don’t end here as he is also holds a record of world super featherweight, lightweight, and junior lightweight champions. Apart from that he has also won major titles in four different categories. If you want to know more details about this talented boxer keep reading the article below:

Bio and Death

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Hector was born on May 24th 1962 in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. His parents are Héctor Luis Camacho Sr. and María Matías. He was the youngest among his five siblings. The name of his brother is Felix while his three sisters are Raquel, Estrella, and Esperanza. Unfortunately his parents got divorced when he was only three years old. He moved to New York City with her children and raised them well.

Hector went to local schools and has a troubled teen age. His mother used to be worried as he got into street fights often and even went to jail. Unfortunately he died on November 24th, 2012. According to many rumors he was killed in a drive by getting shot in his hometown. This came out very shocking for his family and fans. As he was on life support for few days his mother asked the doctors to turn it off.


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Hector was a popular boxer known for his speed and efficient performances. He has an unusual style inside the ring and had an impressive 30 year career. Thanks to his father figure and teacher Pat Flannery he learned the best of everything.  Flannery tried hard to guide him all about the Golden Gloves competition while he was only a teenager. He became a talented boxes and debuted as ‘Macho’. These are the following championships that he has won:

  • Super featherweight
  • Lightweight
  • Light welterweight
  • Welterweight
  • Light middleweight
  • Middleweight
  • Super middleweight

Net Worth

The total net worth of Hector happens to be $1.5 million. He was one of the top boxers and has won a lot of champion titles. His sons will inherit his wealth and may even follow his footstep of becoming a boxer.

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Relationships and Kids

Hector got married to Amy Torres. They had many successful years of marriage but broke up in the end. The couple has three sons together. His eldest son is currently a boxer and has also won a championship. Amy filed a complaint against him as he threatened her and their son. One his youngest sons Tyler is also a boxer. He used to have a lot of arguments with his wife that led to their divorce.

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