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Jake Gyllenhaal to Star in HBO’s the Son

Jake Gyllenhaal will join the cast of HBO’s son and the actor will not only star in the series. He will also become the executive producer and take care of all the production processes. The episodes of the son are a limited series. The story is adapted from the acclaimed bestselling novel written by Jo Nesbo. There are many people who believe that the series is related to the son that stars Pierce Brosnan and the set up was in the Wild West. However, there is no connection between this show with both those series. Here we have all detail regarding the son so let’s get started.

What is the plot of the son?

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The story of the son revolves around Jo Nesbo’s novel. There are a few changes in the existing story taken by the novel as they want viewers to connect with it. He is happy to serve time in jail but with compensation for drugs. The character that will be played by Jake doesn’t remember any of the past happenings. He gets to know about a shocking truth from the old days and this is how his life changes forever. The son happens to be a revenge story that is woven with all the details.

One man has to take revenge against Oslo’s ruthless crime and corruption. He has to be the winner and fight with all the injustice. The story will be brought to life by Denis Villeneuve. He is directing and producing the show himself. Jake Gyllenhaal and Denis Villeneuve have worked together previously on two films. Both of those films have been the masterpiece of crime and thrill.

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What are the new updates on the son?

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The son revolves around the character of Sonny Lofthus who is a convict and serving his time in jail. He is a drug addict and ready to serve his time in jail if they offer him drugs. The direction of the series is going to be top-notch because the details look very interesting already. Since the news of Jake staring in the series is revealed fans are more than happy.

The series will soon premiere on HBO and fans can make their calendars to remember the date. The cast features some of the most prominent actors and they all have done their part very well. There are rumors that if the first season gets the success it will be renewed for many other seasons. The makers have planned to make it bigger and better than before.

What is the release date of the son?

The premier date of the son has not been announced yet. It is expected to come out in 2021. Everyone who is a fan of this novel loves the plot even more. Even if you have not read the novel yourself you will still fall in love with the characters and storyline. The show has an interesting cast and script and there are few crime shows that can have this thrill and excitement. We will update you with the entire latest buzz so keep checking this space!

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