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Guide To Watch Anime and Manga Legally Online

Anime and manga series are gaining a lot of popularity in today’s world. The demand for the anime and mangas are growing and the creators are making more and more content because fans are asking for more of it.

However, there are some pirate sites like Gogoanime, Kissanime, Mangafox, etc. that are providing the mangas illegally.  This is wrong and illegal and the artists deserve support and the fans can only give them support by legally streaming the popular anime and manga on the official channels.

Illegal sites are also dangerous and they have malicious viruses and the numerous ads also disturb a lot when you can stream your favorite anime.  You can follow the guide below and avoid pirated sites so that you are able to watch anime and manga 100% legally!

What are the Ways To Watch Anime Legally?

There are three easy ways by which you can watch anime and manga series legally. They are as follows:

  • Buy a Blu Ray/ DVD
  • Subscribing to a streaming service platform that offers anime and manga series
  • Watch anime for free on the official legal sites

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What are the Ways To Read Manga Legally?

  • Buy a physical copy from a retailer of a manga
  • Subscribe to legal sites that publish various manga series
  • Read manga for free on portals that offer it legally

How Can You Find Out If A Site Is Legal Or Not?

anime and manga

It is a quite job to determine if an anime streaming platform or an online manga reading site is legal or not. The legal anime sites are not free and you need to subscribe to them to officially watch the anime.

If they are offering their services for free then you can search for the site on Google and if they are licensed then they are a legal site. The legal sites also don’t offer a wide variety of anime so that is also one of the pointers that the site is legal.

Legal Manga sites also ask you for a subscription. They also offer you an option to digitally or physically buy the manga. If the platform is selling scanned copies of the manga then they are an illegal site.

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What are the Best Sites To Buy Anime DVDs?

  • Amazon
  • Barnes & Nobel
  • Funimation Shop
  • F.Y.E
  • Nagamic
  • RightStuf
  • Tokyo Otaku Mode Shop
  • AnimeLog
  • Coji Coji (Japanese)
  • Coji Coji (International)
  • Discotek Media
  • Info
  • Muse Asia
  • Nozomi Entertainment
  • Voltron

What are the best sites To Buy Physical Copies of Manga?

  • Barnes & Noble
  • Book Depository
  • Kodansha Comics
  • Seven Seas Entertainment
  • Viz Media

Why you should prefer legal sites to watch anime?

It is highly recommended that you watch the anime series and read the mangas of official platforms. They are safe to use and are free from all the harmful and malicious viruses. It is also a great way to support the creators of the mangas because they can only get to know about your support if you watch the anime on legal platforms.

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