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Greg Norman Net Worth, Golf Career, Early Life, Relationships And Other Details

Greg Norman is an Australian professional golfer. He is also an entrepreneur and has been involved in business ventures as well. Greg Norman has earned the number one golfer title in the world many times. He held the title on and off for over 300 weeks. He has the nickname” great white shark,” and has achieved 90 tournament wins during his career.

Net Worth

The golf legend Greg Norman has a net worth of $400 million. He is considered to be a sporting legend and is respected and praised by the golfing community. Norman has also established his net worth through his professional golfing career and is also an astute businessman. As an entrepreneur, Norman he found success in different industries and has earned a major share of his net worth through his business ventures.

Greg Norman received almost $1 million per year by participating in the golf tournament earnings. He enjoyed his peak career time in 1986, 1990, and 1995. He is also considered to be the top tour earner during his professional golf career. Norman is the first professional golfer who has generated more than $10 million during his career. He is one of the highest-paid golfers of all time and has achieved a milestone of earning a total of $15 million in career earnings.

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Early Life


Gregory John Norman was born on February 10th of 1955 in Mount Isa, Queensland, Australia. Greg was inclined towards sports from a young age, and he was passionate about rugby, cricket, and surfing.

His mother Toini taught him golfing techniques at an early age. He suffers from a single-figure handicap. He improved his game drastically and managed to become a top golfer. Norman soon pursued a professional golfing career and managed to play on a professional level at a young age.


Norman first made his debut as a pro in 1976. He won his first tournament at the West Lakes Classic in Adelaide and joined the European tour. He won championships in Scotland and also achieved success at the French Open and European tournaments.

He won British Masters that followed with a couple of other wins for him.  Norman earned worldwide fame after a 45-foot putt at the U.S Open. He had to face a few disappointments in the next few years but bounced back in 1993. He won major tournaments and took a three-year break. After he made his return in 2008, he participated in a major championship. Greg Norman focused on entrepreneurial pursuits later in his life.

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Marriages and Divorce Settlement

Greg got married three times. He got married to Laura Andrassy, who was a former flight attendant. The couple got married in 1981, and they have children together. They separated in 2007. Laura Andrassy received a $105 million settlement from her golfer husband Norman.

He got married to the tennis player Chris Avery in 2008. They stayed together for over a year and split up in 2009. Norman got married for the third time to interior designer Kirsten Kutner.

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