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Cody Rhodes Tests Positive For COVID-19 & Medial Update On Sasha Banks

 Many media portals are announcing that Cody Rhodes will miss out the upcoming AEW battle of the belts. He has tested positive for COVID-19 and may not become a part of it. During this battle he was about to defend the TNT Championship at the rematch with Sammy Guevara. As a result Cody’s brother Dustin Rhodes will compete against Guevara. This will serve as an interim TNT Champion till the time Cody makes a return. Cody took his Instagram and gave an update about his COVID situation. Here is the complete story:

Cody Rhodes tests positive for COVID

cody 1

Cody has informed his fans about his recent diagnosis of COVID-19. Even his wide Brandi Rhodes has also tested positive. Additionally he also reveals how several members of his family are suffering with COVID. He will quarantine with them too. Here is what he says:

“I appreciate everybody reaching out. Brandi and I are in isolation with family that have unfortunately tested positive for COVID. It’s been a scary time dealing with such a strong virus and the complications that can come with it. We are doing all we can to nurse and protect the family during this time. I will remain in quarantine as long as needed’’.

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Cody thanks his fans for immense support

Cody is happy with the way he is getting a good support from his fans. He thanked them all and hopes to get better with time. Here is what his post looks like:

“Every day is more encouraging,” Cody Rhodes continues to write. “Thank you immensely for your support and respect for our privacy. Thank you to AEW for understanding and allowing me to be where I am needed today, and for still allowing the TNT Title to be represented. I look forward to being back soon. All the love in the world!”

Cody has also posted a pro-vaccine message and added them to the Instagram stories. He wants other to make sure that they get vaccinated and remain away from this virus. At this time he probably believes that getting vaccinated is the best thing for everyone. When he felt that he has already tested positive for COVID-19. He has recorded a video where he says:

“Please get vaccinated – if not for yourself, for the young kids/babies who can’t defend themselves as easily from COVID’’.

Sasha Banks to miss ‘The Royal Rumble’


Another update coming for the WWE world is about Sasha Banks. According to the latest updates Sasha will be missing out’ The Royal Rumble’. She suffered from a foot injury and had to seek medical attention.  Sasha had to undergo an MRI session and it is revealed nothing is broken. It was discovered that she bruised her calcaneus bone. Right now she will be recovering at home and will be out of action for about 6-8 weeks. Till then wrestling fans can pray for her speedy recovery. Stay tuned for more updates from WWE and keep checking this space!

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