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Good Casting Episode 9: Release Date, Plot, Streaming Details and All You Need To Know

Good Casting is a South Korean Television drama and will be airing its Episode 9 soon. If you have been following the drama and are excited about the next episodes then this post is the right place for you. In this guide we will be talking about the plot, cast, streaming details, and release date of Episode 9 of Good Casting. Read on to know more details.

Is Good Casting interesting?

The story of the drama is about a legendary agent who ends up losing one of her subordinates as a result of the intense operation. The incident shocks her and she leaves the field and promises to never return. She then starts looking for another job to earn her living. She suddenly gets called again and is assigned to an undercover mission. Baek Chan Mi starts working as a secretary at an office. She changes her identity and name and starts working at the company. She is joined by two other ladies at her job. The CEO of the company falls in love with Baek Chan Mi who looks like his old love. The storyline of the drama is interesting and the fans like the show so far. More than half of the drama has already been aired and it has been getting great response from the audience. If you like office romance dramas and also love the girl gangs performing challenging tasks then this drama might be perfect for you.

What happened in Good Casting Episode 8?

Ok Cheol hacks Ye Eun’s laptop and tries to see the secret information. Michael’s people have found out that Chan Mi belongs to the NIS and Chan Mi notices that she is being followed by weird men. Meanwhile, she drives Seok Ho to an unofficial business trip. Chan Mi and Seok Ho go to Seok Ho father’s grave and Chan Mi finds out that Michael is involved with Chairman Yoon’s death. On the other hand Ye Eun is called by Woo Won’s home and she is asked to cook for him. She gets irritated and annoyed with his antics.  Chan Mi and Ye Eun meet up suddenly and notice that both of them are chased by some mysterious men.

Who is in the cast of Good Casting?

The cast of Good casting includes:

  • Choi Kang Hee. Baek Chan Mi / Baek Jang Mi.
  • Yoo In Young. Im Ye Eun / Im Jung Eun.
  • Kim Ji Young. Hwang Mi Soon / Gi Mi Seon.
  • Lee Sang Yeob. Yoon Suk Ho.
  • Gang Woo Won.
  • Lee Jong Hyuk. Dong Gwan Soo

Where can you stream Good Casting?

If you are watching Good Casting from some other country other than South Korea then you have to use the official online streaming site to watch Good Casting. You can watch Good Casting on Viu streaming websites. The drama is also available on,,, and other websites that offer Asian dramas with subtitles.

When is Good Casting Episode 9 releasing?

Good Casting airs every Monday and Tuesday at 21:40 South Korean standard time. You will be able to watch Episode 9 after it airs in South Korea. The drama airs on the SBS TV channel which is a Korean local channel. Episode 9 will air on 25th May 2020 on Monday.

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