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Gearing up For Back To School, It’s Never Too Early To Start

The Coronavirus pandemic changed many things, including the school calendar, and caused a lot of confusion to teachers, parents, and students. However, things are getting brighter by the day, and the chances of going back to school are not about if but when.

With school reopening moving closer, it’s essential for both parents, teachers, and pupils to prepare early. That’s because the holiday was a bit long and children had time to involve in habits and commitments that aren’t related to their studies. It was a long time of following up on the best movies till late at night, playing, or using phones and tablets without proper limits. Now is the right time to revert all that and develop habits that are in line with school days. Here are the best back-to-school preparation and transition tips before the class begins.

  1. Shopping early, Avoid the Last-Minute Rush and Anxiety

Shopping for school supplies and other vital items children need, like back to school shoes, stationery, or uniforms, can be hectic on the last days of class. There are endless queues in stores, and online sellers always have a bunch of deliveries to make. A parent who starts to prepare for school now will have a better chance of planning everything necessary and getting the item without strain.

It’s also essential to involve the kids when shopping for school items. The parent or guardian may set the price range they would spend on any supply and let the children decide the color and design they love. This step is fundamental in turning their moods positively towards school.

  1. Start Planning for After Schools

The school day typically ends before most working parents arrive home from work. As a result, it’s crucial to have a well-laid plan where the children go after school, pick them up (if they have to), and do what they do before the parent arrives. Not having such a plan early enough will result in confusion on the first days at school or mean sacrificing work for a few days (which may not be possible). Parents can avoid the pressure by having everything set and ready now before the actual day of class.

  1. Ensure There’s A Comfortable Study Space at Home

Whether the child does distance learning, or in-person studies at school, having a study room is fundamental. First, virtual learners need a peaceful location to take their studies without distractions. Similarly, school days mean carrying homework almost every day. The pupil should be able to work on their homework studies peacefully and without strain. Having this planned early enough means the student is ready to start immediately after school restarts.

  1. Start Building on Important Habits and Schedules

Back-to-school means spending at least 20 minutes more on the road while driving to work. Anyone can avoid this by simply changing schedules. If the road is shared with school buses, it’s better to leave the house earlier and arrive at your destination in time than spend 20 minutes or more behind a school bus.

Similarly, back to school doesn’t mean stopping working out or other healthy routines. It’s essential to plan now, know what time is right for what, and start sticking to the schedule to not hurt to change when the time comes.

  1. Start the Morning Routines

A slight change at a time doesn’t hurt as much as trying to make a sudden and drastic move. It’s easier to start cultivating a morning routine two weeks earlier so that it won’t feel heavy when it’s time. It may begin by making the children start sleeping early by 15 minutes and waking them up 15 minutes earlier. The next day 30m minutes more before, adjusting until the right time is achieved. This will create a good transition, and it won’t be hard to convince the children to wake up and prepare for school.

Insist on Completion of Tasks and Pre-Night Preparation

Holidays are typically accompanied by much relaxation and procrastination since there’s “always tomorrow to do the task.” However, that changes during school days since every day is always busy. Before class begins, children should already be used to completing every task they have and planning for the next day before the night ends.

It’s good to check and ensure that the children completed all home assignments they got from school before closing. Also, instill a habit of pre-night and weekend preparation by asking the kids to select a whole week’s outfits on Sundays and ensure what they wear the next day is ready before going to bed. This will make school mornings less chaotic and also reduce the bulk of laundry.

  1. Create A Family Calendar

The best weapon to eliminating confusion and chaos in the family is a calendar and timetable. Let it be clear on who does what and when way before classes begin. That will help the children learn to take responsibility and be accountable for their mistakes. Having it earlier will create a smooth transition and help everyone in the family get used to their responsibilities beforehand.

  1. Stock Up for Necessary Supplies

Schools often generate a list of the supplies they want pupils to have when reporting back. These requirements may include stationery, markers, or additional reading and writing materials. Parents can check with the school before classes begin. Proactive planning on this will ensure that the kid doesn’t miss school.

Similarly, if a parent plans to transfer their kid to a new school, it’s essential to inquire about the right equipment. It may mean getting new back-to-school shoes and uniforms, bags, and other school-specific requirements. Ensure the child is in class on the first day.

  1. Install A Backpack Station

Where do the kids place their belongings after school? That’s an essential question parents and guardians should answer days before school restarts. Creating a backpack station either at the entryway or in the mudroom will reduce clutter in the house. Let the kids know that it’s where they keep all their school belongings after every school day and pick them the next morning.

  1. Have A House Message Center

School days often involve busy schedules. There are online classes to attend, sports practices, meetings, and other rehearsals. A home message center will make it easy for everyone in the family to keep track of their schedules and plan for their appointments. Creating and sticking to it will make it easy to adapt to when school reopens.

  1. Purpose to Attend A School Orientation Day

Several schools often hold orientation days a few days before school opens or immediately after opening. This function is geared towards introducing the school staff and informing the parents and students what to expect in the school year.

This time is crucial for parents to know and bond with their children’s teachers. It also makes the children more comfortable with their teachers once they get to class.

  1. Be Ready for The First School Week

The first school week often is the time to adjust and ensure that every aspect is in place. It’s the week to perfect and make corrections and not to punish. It may feel wrong to lay out all the preparations and not be perfect. Getting angry may be justified, but it’s not the right thing to do during school week one. Parents should then learn to control anger and be ready to re-introduce the habits once more. Get the children to practically understand what’s right and what’s wrong and help them change with love and affection.

Going back to school after a long holiday may not be easy. There are several issues to look at. That’s why it isn’t too early to start preparing since starting will offer more room for adjustments. Similarly, the parents and students can work out various plans and see what works best.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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