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Some Of The Best Comedies Of All Time You Should Watch

Who wouldn’t like to watch a comedy movie after they have had a difficult day? The best part about comedy movies is that they are made to make you laugh, so regardless of how bad your day has been, you could always watch a comedy movie so that it would uplift your mood. You can stream comedy movies online on streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, but for that, you would need a strong internet connection. We would suggest considering Xfinity internet prices since they offer brilliant internet at an affordable price.

However, here are some of the best comedy movies that you should have on your list to watch.

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Definitely one of Jim Carrey’s best movies. In Ace Ventura Pet Detective, Jim Carrey plays the role of Ace Ventura, who is a well-known pet detective and he solves cases about animals gone missing. In this movie, the Superbowl’s famous mascot, a Dolphin named Snowflake goes missing. Ace is hired to find out what happened to the Dolphin and where did it go.

He is paired up with Melissa who is the Superbowl’s chief publicist and is played by Courtney Cox. Ace suffers constant criticism from the police department but in the end, he figures out who had abducted the Dolphin and for what reason. The movie will always be remembered because of its comedic element and how well Jim Carrey acted. Even though the movie came out back in 1994, it is still a delight to watch since the movie has you in stitches.

Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

This is the sequel to Pet Detective and it is just as good. In this movie, however, Ace has to go to an African tribe whose sacred white bat has been stolen and since they worship that Bat, they need it back. Ace conducts an extensive investigation to find out where the Bat went and why was it kidnapped. This movie too has a lot of iconic moments, especially the scene with the “Monopoly Guy” which makes you laugh every time you watch the movie. In the end, Ace finds the Bat and returns it to the tribe. Because of its comedic element, this movie is a very fun one to watch and it ensures that you have the best time as you watch it.

This is the End

Imagine a high-end party at James Franco’s house with all the celebrities and suddenly the world starts experiencing the apocalypse. What would all of them do? In this movie, James Franco gets stuck with fellow stars who have starred in some of the most famous movies in Hollywood. The best part about this movie is that all the celebrities star as themselves, making things a lot more original and adding more feeling to the movie.

The movie is about how these co-stars struggle to survive until they either face their end or they go to heaven. The way they have to face their difficulties in itself is funny and the entire movie has you laughing all the way through. You should watch this movie at least once because all of the actors acted so brilliantly. The movie also shows how doing a simple good deed can have you going to heaven.

The Dictator

The kind of movie you would not want to watch with your family but the kind of comedy that has you chortling throughout. In this movie, we see Sacha Baron Cohen as he portrays a dictator of a fictional Arab country called Wadiya. His people are infuriated with him and they wish to see him gone. In a turn of events, he ends up going to the United States and he has his beard shaved off, which is why people are not able to recognize him.

Eventually, he learns that his ways are not correct and he has been keeping his people in absolute misery. He begins making friends in America. At first, he tries to take his place back since he has to be a part of a conference of the United Nations. He is replaced by a body double who is supposed to announce that Wadiya is a democracy, which would put him out of power. His struggles in America are so funny that you would want to watch the movie multiple times and it would make you laugh every single time.

Bruce Almighty

What happens if you were made God for a day? That is exactly what happens to Jim Carrey as he plays the role of an ungrateful newscaster named Bruce. He gets to meet God and asks him why he has been so bad to him. God in return gives him his powers for a couple of days so Bruce would realize how difficult the job is. The way Bruce misuses the powers is really funny and despite being old, it is one of the movies you should watch.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the movies you should watch if you are looking to blow off some steam. Be sure to stream these movies online so that you could have a flawless streaming experience.

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Lindsey Ertz
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