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Gaming Is A Fantastic Hobby

There are many amazing games around the world. With the latest technologies, games have become more and more outstanding. Nothing can be better, after a hard-working day, chill by playing your favorite game and to gain casino bonus. We are going to share some latest news from the gaming world! Play fair and have fun! 


The developers of the erotic action game Succubus from the Red Goddess studio have published a new trailer. In it, they announced that the title will be released on PS4 in the first quarter of 2023.

The studio will later release the game on PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and Nintendo Switch.

The main task of the players in Succubus is to destroy demons and win back hell. To do this, the arsenal will be 40 weapons and 20 different spells. Most of the enemies, like the main character, will be half-naked demons of different sexes.

Succubus came out on PC late last year. The game has over 3.2 thousand reviews on Steam, 82% of which are positive.

Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima plans to continue developing games even after his physical death. He will simply shed his biological shell and take on his true form. He will become Mecha Kojima.

Speaking to IGN, renowned game director and founder of Kojima Productions was asked how he envisions the future of his studio after he inevitably dies in 50-100 years. But instead of deep philosophical reasoning, he simply said “no” to all this mortality.

He will continue to lead as he moves. Most importantly for him, their roots in creation will remain intact. But you know, most likely he will become an AI and will be there. To create something new, you need to receive a variety of incentives. He imagines that he will cooperate with others and do something new even in the form of AI.

As fantastical as this is, given the progress of artificial neural networks, it’s entirely possible to imagine an AI that will be trained on everything that makes Kojima Kojima. This process will not be quick, but there are already bots that imitate dead people. So if Kojima lasts at least another 10 years, then his plan to turn into AI-Kojima is quite plausible.

Tin Hearts

Rogue Sun and Wired Productions have announced a release date for the Lemmings-themed puzzle game Tin Hearts. The game will release on April 20, 2023, on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch.

Behind every great invention is an amazing story. In this exciting adventure game from the creators of the Fable series, you’ll have to lead a squad of tin soldiers through a magical world full of toys and puzzles. 

Players will find a touching story, over 40 levels with puzzles of varying difficulty, as well as support for virtual reality headsets. The soundtrack will be written by composer Matthew Chastney, who is known for the music of “Joker”, and “Chernobyl”.

The Rogue Sun team includes the creators of Fable.

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Lindsey Ertz
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