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Running Injuries

Running injuries are common for beginners and seasoned athletes. If instability appears during movement, sharp pain in the knee, and it does not calm down, you should consult a doctor. The injury can be serious. The cruciate ligaments of the knee are often damaged. For runners, we provide ACL treatment in Richmond, VA.

Why injury occurs

The cruciate ligaments are used to stabilize the knee joint. They prevent excessive forward and inward displacements, direct and limit the range of motion. Nerve endings in the ACL are responsible for coordinating the work of the leg muscles below and above the knee, flexion and extension.

The anterior cruciate ligament is most commonly affected. She participates in the movements of turning, twisting on the supporting leg. Injuries are possible:

  • if the load is exceeded;
  • due to a blow to the shin or thigh;
  • due to a sharp turn while running;
  • upon landing after a jump.

Anterior cruciate ligament injuries often occur in football, basketball, volley-ball, handball, runners, and skiers. Less serious injuries can be treated with joint fixation and physical therapy. In difficult cases, a surgical anterior cruciate ligament treatment in Richmond VA is required.

ACL Damage Symptoms

When the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee is damaged, the following occurs:

  • pain when moving;
  • swelling of the knee;
  • it is not possible to fully straighten the joint;
  • feeling unsteady.

Hemarthrosis develops in the area of ​​the knee joint after injury. Inflammation is possible due to the accumulation of blood.

Diagnosis of ACL injury

If you are concerned about knee pain or stiffness, see your doctor right away. You should be examined by an orthopedic traumatologist. Held:

  • external examination and conversation with the patient;
  • joint mobility tests;
  • diagnostic puncture;
  • x-ray;
  • Magnetic resonance imaging.

The list of necessary tests and procedures is selected and prescribed by the doctor.

ACL treatment

An effective anterior cruciate ligament treatment in Richmond VA is carried out by our clinic. We employ experienced traumatologists and orthopedists. We have physiotherapy and surgery departments equipped with innovative equipment.

The clinic has the necessary license, special medical diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. If necessary, we will competently provide assistance and carry out surgical restoration of the joint and ligaments.

Since 2016 in Richmond VA RVA Physical Therapy And Sports Rehab center can help in complete recovery. To schedule a consultation or request more information about available services contact RVA Physical Therapy team by phone (804) 396 6753  or send email to [email protected]
You can visit the therapy center at  2620 A Gaskins Rd, Henrico, VA 23238, USA.

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