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Gal & Dino Season 3 Release Date, Streaming Details & All You Need To Know

Gal and Dino is an Anime that will soon be coming out with a third season. The first two seasons were loved by the people and they are anxiously waiting for the new season to arrive. The best thing about Anime series is that every age group can watch it and gone are the days when people felt that it is only meant to be for the kids. We have gathered all the important details about the series so keep reading below.

What is the storyline of Gal and Dino Season 3?

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Gal and Dino narrate the story of a cute and innocent girl who is living her life as a dinosaur. She isn’t huge or doesn’t believe in harming people or her friends. Others are indifferent and don’t know what the girl is up to or what is her real reality. Her encounters with other people are cute and funny so you will enjoy them all. The mini dinosaur who is acting like a human is not a big deal in the animation world. The graphics are quite unique and AI machine learning has been used to make the series even more attractive. Most of the anime and Manga series have cute stories to tell and the developers are very conscious when it comes to considering the feedback of people.

The first part of the anime was released in April 2020 but now the third season has been delayed a little and we all know the reason behind it is a coronavirus. There is a new promotional video that has been released by the makers and you can check it out on YouTube. They have given a brief introduction to all the characters so the audience can connect with them beforehand. The series has been produced by Studio’s space Neko Company and is developed by the talented June Aoki. The series is about Kaede and their friends or how they spend their life together.

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Who is in the cast of Gal and Dino Season 3?

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The cast of Gal and Dino is really great and they have got unique and powerful voices too. The connectivity between the characters and the audience is only possible when the voice cast does a great job.

  • Kaede Voiced by Miyuri Shimabukuro
  • Yamada Voiced by Yuko Natsuyoshi
  • Senior Colleague Voiced by Youki Kudoh
  • Shōta Voiced by Seiichirō Yamashita

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What are the release date and streaming details of Gal and Dino season 3?

The good news is that Gal and Dino season three will be released on 3rd October and that too on Tokyo MX BS 11 and many other channels as well. The animation series has become very popular among people and this is why many channels will be broadcasting it. You can stream it online as the channels have their official websites where all the episodes will be releasing. There are going to be eight episodes in total and each episode is worth the watch. The details have already been given on the official website and you can check it out for concrete updates and gossips. The series is regularly published on Weekly Young Magazine and you have the option to read it there as well.

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