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Taboo season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Tom Hardy and everything you need to know

Taboo is a historical period drama that is expected to come back with a season 2. The drama stars the popular actor Tom Hardy and was initially released in 2017. There was no news about the epic historical drama for two years but we were surprised to know that the drama would be coming back with a season 2 this year. The makers had planned for renewal in 2017 and it was announced back then that the drama would be coming with two seasons.

The first season of Taboo aired on BBC and got praises and favorable remarks from the critics and the fans. Tom Hardy was appreciated for getting into the skin of the character and his portrayal of the character in the drama got applauded.

What is the expected plot and story of Taboo season 2?

Steven Knight who is the writer of Taboo did give us some hints about the upcoming season of Taboo. We saw James and his Comrades winning the battle and achieving their goals in the season 1. The season 2 would continue their voyage to end the crimes that are destroying the country and nation they belong to. We might be able to get to witness a string of political matters getting involved in the storyline as well.

The writer didn’t reveal much about the storyline when the reporters threw various questions at him at a press conference and he said that the fans and the media should wait for the drama to release.

Will the cast of Taboo season 1 going to be a part of Taboo season 2?

Tom Hardy- Taboo season 2
Tom Hardy- Taboo season 2

It is highly likely that a lot of cast members from the season 1 would be making a return to the season 2 because their characters still have a lot of scope in the story and plot of the drama. Tom Hardy will be making a return once again because we can’t imagine anyone else playing the character of James Delaney other than him. The other cast members who will reprise their character in the drama include:

  • Edward Hogg
  • Stephen Graham
  • Mark Gatiss
  • Lorna Bow
  • Jason Watkins
  • David Hayman
  • Nicholas Woodeson

Is Taboo based on a true story?

If you consider the historical context of the drama you might feel that it is based on a true incident. The plot and the character of James Delaney are purely fictitious and are created for the TV series. The plot regarding the disputed land and the concept of East India Company are real and true incidents but the actual plot that Taboo is based on is fictional and doesn’t have any relation to any real life incidence.

When is Tom Hardy’s Taboo going to release?

The series took a long time to return to BBC because of the busy schedules of Tom Hardy and Steve Knight. Tom Hardy was making doing his other projects but the talks were on for the release of the Taboo second season. The team members of the show also hinted at various instances that the season 2 would be coming out soon. The shoot of the drama was in full swing but due to the spread of epidemic coronavirus the filming of the drama has been halted and the Taboo season 2 has been delayed.

The season 2 is definitely in the making but we might have to wait till 2021 for the drama to be released. The first season was a masterpiece and we are expecting the same from the upcoming season so we believe that the wait would be worthwhile.

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