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Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Release Date, Plot & More

There is good news for all the fans as their favorite series Fresh princes of Bel-Air starring Will Smith may be coming back with a new season. The news started when a YouTube video made by Morgan Cooper came out. Since then the media as well as fans have been talking about a new season coming in. The series has been a hit among people and has become fans favorite in a short time. Will Smith and Morgan Cooper are coming together to bring a new season which will be bigger and better than the previous season.NBC comedy has been airing the first season and it seems like they will be taking the rights of the show once again. Let’s discuss all the details we have about the reboot so far.

Is there a Fresh Prince of Bel-air reboot coming soon?

fresh prince of bel air 2

After six successful seasons, we are now hearing that the fresh prince of Bel-air will be back with a reboot. The series made Will smith an overnight star where he was shown as a smart kid who moves away from West Philly to a neighborhood in Los Angeles. It follows the concept of Black people having their own issues while living in the USA. They have to face conflicts, emotions, and biases among people as being black seems to be a bad idea. There is a lot of entertainment and thought processes involved in the making.

According to sources from Hollywood Reporter the fresh prince of Bel-air has been in the works for a year or so now. There is a four-minute clip that has been released for the series and it went viral so the fans have been talking about it a lot. It also caught the attention of Smith and since then he has been interested in making a comeback. Megan Cooper has made the trailer and written script with a new vision in mind. Smith is going to co-produce the series and he may co-write the script too. As the popularity of the series is still high HBO, Netflix and Peacock are in a head to head battle to get the rights.

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Who will be in the cast of Fresh Prince of Bel-air reboot?

The old cast of the series is going to reunite once again and they all will give good performances. In almost all the previous seasons they have performed very well. Recently smith reunited with all the cast members on Snapchat. It gave another hint that the new season of this successful series is on the way. Here is the cast list.

  •  James Avery
  • Alfonso Ribeiro
  •  Karyn Parsons
  • Tatyana M. Ali
  •  Joseph Marcell
  •  Janet Hubert-Whitten
  •  Daphne Maxwell Reid

What is the release date of Fresh Prince of Bel-air?

Fresh Prince of Bel-air will be released probably by the end of the year. The working on the script has already started so we can expect it to come out soon. Once the filming begins we will be getting more frequent updates so keep checking this space for more updates. The basic theme of the series is very interesting and easy to remember and we all remember the catchy soundtrack to date.

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