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All You Need To Know About Zong Daytime Offer

Zong is a top telecommunication company that caters to the needs of all the individuals. The Zong Daytime offer is one of the most prominent packages available for users. They offer high quality SIMs that users can purchase and get the best of everything. You don’t need to worry about the balance running out as these packages have everything for your requirements.


The Zong internet packages 2021 have a lot of resources and customers can avail them. The SIMs that are offered by Zong have a good voice quality for making calls. The coverage is also perfect and you will not suffer any hindrances. Here is all you need to know about Zong Daytime offer:

What do you get in the Zong Daytime offer?

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The Zong Daytime offer features a lot of resources for the customers in Pakistan. You will get 1.5 GB of free internet data. Users can avail this package for one day from (4 am to 7pm).  The price of this package is affordable as it is 23 Rs including taxes. With the use of free internet you can visit many different websites.

You can browse YouTube and download your favorite songs or movies. Your day will be full of entertainment as the Zong 3 day internet package is also convenient for users.  There is a separate Zong YouTube package that is exclusively for YouTube users. You can choose any package according to your requirements and conveniences.

How can you subscribe to Zong Daytime offer?

If you want to subscribe to Zong Daytime offer you need to know about the subscription codes. Here is how you can subscribe to this package:

  • You can subscribe to this offer by dialing *47#
  • This package is a limited time offer

Terms and Conditions

Here are the terms and conditions of this offer:

  • This package is valid for all 2G/3G & 4G Prepaid subscribers
  • There is an advance Income Tax (AIT) rate of 12.5% that applies on every recharge
  • Sales tax (GST) of 19.5% applies on usage

Will the daytime offer renewed automatically?

Yes you can renew the daytime offer automatically on daily basis. Even if the user runs out of balance at the time of subscription this offer will not renew.

Can you use daytime offer with another package?

This bundle offer can co-exist with another package easily.

Who can subscribe to daytime offer?

The daytime offer will be valid for 3G/4G prepaid customers.

Is there a download limit on Daytime offer?

The users can download this offer during 4 am to 7 pm.  There is a fair usage policy of 1.5 GB. This package is of high priority for all the customers.

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