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Frank Bruno Net Worth, Bio, Career, Age, Married Life, Death & More

Frank Bruno is a professional former boxer who hails from Britain. He has been an active boxer from 1982 to 1996. In and outside the ring he is publicized very well among media and fans. This is the reason why his tenure has been so entertaining for everyone. You will not be surprised to know that he is also famous for being a part of many stage shows. Once he resigned from boxing career he moved on to become a famous personality in the UK. Despite his health problems he remained active in the entertainment industry till his death. If you want to know more about this legend here are some details:

Bio and Death

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Frank Bruno was born on 16th November, 1961 in London. At the time of his death he was 60 years old. His mother Lynette was a nurse in the Jamaican district. His parents Lynette and Robert Bruno have six children in total. Frank is close to all his siblings and their names are Micheal, Eddie, Faye and Angela. They all lived together in London and his parents got married when the country got independence. He was a bright child and attended Swaffield Primary and Oak Hill Schools in Sussex. You will be surprised to know that he achieved 20-1 record during his amateur career. As he was shortsighted he had to receive multiple eye surgeries during his youth.

Boxing Career

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Frank officially began his boxing career in 1981. He achieved 21 straight victories in a row. There were plenty of journals including the ring, KO magazine and boxing illustrated that took notice of him. Soon after he recorded other 40 wins and only five losses in total. Frank got the opportunity to be the record of his rivals including Scott LeDoux and Ruby Gauge. Even though he had to face few losses he bounced back with something bigger. Due to his popularity he has been a favorite on social media. He used to share pictures of his family and friends as they are all very close to him.

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Frank Bruno Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Frank happens to around $10 million. This amount is the result of his active career in boxing. He has achieved the title of WBC Heavyweight champion. Around 7.5 million is accumulated from boxing. However he was also engaged in other businesses before his death. He also claimed that he has invested in various resources while he was a part of many endorsements too. Frank has got more than 162k followers on Instagram.

Net Worth

Married Life and Kids

Frank got married to Laura Bruno in Greater London. They were married since 1990 but got separated after few years. The couple is blessed with three children. As he was facing some mental health issues his house by seized by the police. According to his doctor the condition of mental health worsened after resigning from boxing. The suicide of his former trainee also had a huge impact on his mind.

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