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PID Games To Publish Video Game Fireball Wizard

PID Games has revealed that they will be taking over the publishing duties on the ginTronic indie retro title Firewall Wizard. If you haven’t checked out this game as yet then this post will be helpful for you. We will be briefing you on everything related to the video game. Here is all you need to know about Fireball Wizard.

Fireball Wizard: What to expect?

The fans can check out the latest video game Wizard Firewall as PID Games will be launching the game soon. It is going to be a retro arcade game. The platform will make the players run around the virtual world. The game is full of adventure and the players will move around the wizard across four different worlds.

You will have over 40 levels to explore. The players will head around and clear out enemies all across the lands. You will be equipped with amazing powers and will bring down the big bosses. The players will find all the secrets that they are protecting. The game will have nine unlockable characters and will make the players engrossed in the game.

Fireball Wizard: Characters

Lands of Wizardonia is invaded by evil spirits. All these creatures are supernatural and they come from hordes led by dreadful bosses. The monsters are all around the place to threaten these once so peaceful lands. There is only magic that can free Wizardonia. The wizard will only be able to achieve such a quest. He would not be able to do it alone, and it will be up to you to unlock the 9 characters. You will be joining the fight on his side.

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Fireball Wizard: Features

Fireball Wizard is an engaging crafted retro arcade platformer. You can Blast your way through 4 worlds and will have to cross the 40+ levels. The players will be able to defeat the big bosses and find all the secrets. You can Unlock power and face the challenges ahead.

The players will start their game as Harry the Wizard and will be given the task of freeing the once peaceful land of Wizardonia from the clutches of evil. The players can Unlock 9 playable wizards and will find over 40+ hidden areas full of gold. You can also get help on your noble quest.

  • Beautiful Pixel Art: Every level is handcrafted and comes with hidden details
  • The players will explore the 4 different worlds and will blast their way through.
  •  You will have 40+ levels to beat that come with varying challenges and design.
  • The players will fight with 9 unlockable playable characters.
  • You will explore More than 40 secret areas that will be full of gold. The players can discover the secret code to decipher.
  • Built-in the speedrunning mode. This speedrunning mode will allow the players to beat every level with amazing speed.
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