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Finn Balor Comments On His Greatest Struggle While Staying In WWE

The latest episode of WWE‘s After the bell with Corey Graves has been very interesting. Fans could witness the brand new United States Champion Finn Balor. He joined the show to talk about the struggle he had to face while staying with WWE. Every wrestling viewer is impressed to see his good performance inside the ring. In this interview he also revealed how he has not been able to meet his family over the years. His family resides in Ireland and his tough schedules don’t allow him to meet them often. The former NXT Champion is open to talk about his struggles and strengths or how he misses his family. You can read his full interview below:

Finn Balor struggles to meet his family

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During his recent interview at ‘After the bell with Corey Graves, Finn spilled some beans on his experience with WWE. As he has been working non-stop he doesn’t get the time to meet his family in Ireland. He misses his family and struggles to cope up with the loneliness. Due to this situation he often wonders whether this career is worth the time. Should he make this sacrifice to last in the company for long? Here is what he has to say:

“In life, any time someone doubts you, you want to prove them wrong. “And you want to show them that they’re wrong and I am right. I am this good, I am able to do that, and I can succeed. No matter how much success I’ve had, whether it’s in the ring or outside of the ring, some people still doubt it, some people still question it or don’t fully buy into it. I haven’t fully psycho-analyzed myself but I’m sure that’s a part of the driving factor. That wanting to prove to people that I can do it — I think if you lose that feeling, why else would you be doing it? For money?

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Finn defeats Damien Priest for the United States Championship

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All the wrestling viewers are happy to see great performances from Finn. He has recently defeated Damien Priest at the United States Championship. According to recent rumors he may participate at the WrestleMania 38. He continues to speak about the sacrifices he has made for his career. Here is what he says:

“I’ll be honest, the money is not that good for the amount of pain we go through and being away from my family for 20 years. I wrestle with myself the whole time as to, like, hey, is this money worth being away from Ireland for 20 years? In 10 years’ time, when my family, people start to pass, my friends move on, is the money going to be worth the sacrifice that I’ve given up?

‘’Not the physical sacrifice, the sacrifice of being away from your loved ones for literally 20 years. Just having phone call relationships with people or text relationships with people that you grew up with or you love. Hopefully, I’ve got another 5-6-7 years left in the ring. And then I’ll still hopefully have another 30 years to do other things.”

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