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Deborah Meaden Net Worth, Bio, Career, Relationships & More

Deborah Meaden is a renowned British businesswoman and investor. She has gained a big amount of net worth that helps her lead a lavish life. Although he is loved and respected for many reasons but her appearance on BBC’s ‘Drago’s Den’ is still the talk of town. Due to her successful business career she has invested in various companies. If this isn’t enough she also launched her glass and ceramics export company too. With her good business skills she is running her companies successfully. Here are more details about her net worth and bio:

Bio and Early Life

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Deborah was born on 11th February 1959 in Taunton, Somerset. Unfortunately she was raised by a single mother named Sonia. However she remarried and owned a holiday part with her new husband Brian Meaden. Deborah’s mother had an independent attitude that helped her grow well in life. She has been a horse lover since the age of 11 and even purchased a pony. As she turned 16 she went to Brighton Technical College and completed her business degree. After completing her studies she thought about starting a business. She is 62 years old currently and is close to her family.

Business Career

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Deborah started her family business in 1988. She started running a family business that was focused on amusement arcade operations. In 1992 she also got the chance to join Weststar that was originally owned by her step-dad. Due to her hard work she soon started to purchase and acquire shareholding. When the company wasn’t working well she told it after six years later. Weststar used to offer a lot of holidays to more than 150,000 people every year. However in 2005 she made an exit from the business and sold it for over £33 million.

Relationships & Family Life

Deborah met Paul in summer 1985 and they both fell in love with each other. He was working at Weststar during his break from University. While they were dating they broke up for some time. However their relationship got stronger due to this break and they planned to get married in 1993. The couple doesn’t have any children together. They live together in a big property with a lot of animals.  Their house is going on various renovations since the time of purchase.

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Net Worth

The total net worth of Deborah is estimated to be at $ 60 million. She is one of the richest businesswoman and her net worth just keeps growing. Her major source of income is her business. Apart from that she has also taken part in the BBC One’s dance reality show. She participated with a professional partner but was eliminated after sometime. Deborah is a successful businessperson, investor, entrepreneur and actor.

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