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Fantastic Beasts 3 Rakes In $6 Million From Thursday Night Box Office Previews

Fantastic Beasts 3 is one of the most anticipated movie of this year. The previous installments have been a hit among the audiences. According to the latest update Fantastic beats three has already raked in $6 million form the preview itself. The preview screening is also getting great reviews from everywhere.

This sequel’s success will determine whether the movie will be able to move till the fifth franchise or not. There is no screenplay available for the fourth installment as yet. Warner Bros is anxiously waiting to see how the movie performs at the box office.

Fantastic Beats 3 gets appreciation at the first night box office preview

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The release and success of Fantastic Beats 3 will give a green light to the upcoming installments. Warner Bros is keeping their fingers crossed and hoping that the third season does well.  All the fans are already worried that the movie is seeing constant delays due to COVID-19. Some recent controversies is also making things difficult for the makers. Getting good reviews and revenue from the box office previews is a good signal though.

The recent controversy in 2021 came in when Johnny Depp was replaced by Mads Mikkelsen. He will now play the role of evil Grindelwald. Johnny took an eight figure fee while departing from this movie. As reported by many media portals he only shot one scene for the movie.

Another big controversy that hit the movie was about Ezra Miller. Ezra has an integral part in the Secrets of Dumbledore. The popular American actor was arrested for harassment and misconduct. Due to all these issues the movie Secrets of Dumbledore is performing brilliantly in China.

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Success of the Secrets of Dumbledore

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Fantastic Beats: The secrets of Dumbledore has performed well at the box office despite the controversies. It has opened well last weekend and raked in a rough amount of $9.7 million. It is a massive take considering all the movies in China couldn’t do this well lately. For the whole weekend the Chinese theaters combined a total of $15.5 million for the weekend.

You will be surprised to know that the film is censored. The removal of six second dialogues that refer to the gay relationship is controversial. This gay scene is filmed between Dumbledore (Jude Law) and Grindelwald (Mikkelsen).

According to the updates from Variety ‘The secrets of Dumbledore will easily make more than $40 million in the opening weekend. It may seem like slow start for the Potter adjacent movie but things will heat up in future. According to some writers the film should come of the Harry Potter shadow. There is so much to explore and it deserves a relevant ending too.

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