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Everything we know about “This is US” Season 5

The American comedy family drama ’This is US’ season 5 is returning and we can’t be more than happy. Fans of the show are excited and want to know what will be happening in the new season. Previous seasons have been loved by everyone and a lot of rumors and gossips are coming around the shows important details. Here’s what you need to know about the new season.

Updates about This is US season 5     

According to the latest update we have got the show will revolve around a very interesting story. It will bring out a lot of entertainment and the characters from season 4 will have a new story too. The show has been produced and directed by Dan Fogelman and the first was out in 2016. Since then there is no looking back and each season is coming out with a perfect blend. The show has been loved by critics and fans alike so expectations are high this time. If rumors are to be believed then a season 6 also might come soon.

What is the plot of This Is Us season 5?

If we talk about season 4 it ended up in an entangled story of Kevin and Randall. They both got into a heated argument when it came to their mother’s health. She is an Alzheimer’s patient and they are clueless about what needs to be done about the clinical trial. The other characters have an interesting story to tell. Kate has made a confession that she wants to adopt kids while Madison is pregnant which another twist is. There’s a lot of expectations from all the characters and the story of the new season. Let’s wait and see how it goes.

How many episodes are there in This Is US season 5?

We know that many fans will now be excited to know that how many episodes are coming out in season 5. It seems like a lot of characters have a back story which will probably be released in the new season. It will have a total of 18 episodes and fans wouldn’t like to miss out any of them.

Get to know about the cast details

The cast of the upcoming season will have a lot of characters coming back from previous seasons. There may be some new entries but it seems the show already has many characters to deal with. Each of the actors has given tremendous performances in the last season so we can expect a good performance this time too.

  • Milo Ventimiglia
  • Mandy Moore Sterling K. Brown
  • Chrissy Metz
  • Justin Hartley Susan
  • Kelechi Watson
  • Chris Sullivan as Toby Damon
  • Eris Baker
  • Faithe Herman

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What is the release date of This Is Us season 5?

Good news for all the fans as This Is US season 5 is expected to come out in September or nearing the end of 2020. There is still no official release date from the makers but the rumors have been telling us all. If you live in the USA you can watch the series directly on NBC. If you reside in the UK you will have to catch up with the show on Amazon Prime Video. The streaming is easy and you will be getting good audio and video quality.

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