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Escape The Undertaker: Release Date, Cast, Plot & Other Details

All the fans will agree that WWE is one of the most popular mode to their daily dose of entertainment. The organizers of WWE have created larger than life wrestling stars that include Stone Cold, Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan and The Rock. Even Shawn Michaels, John Cena, and many others have captured the heart of billions.

However one figure that remain unbeatable is the Undertaker. There are no surprises why WWE has chosen this iconic wrestler to make a unique entry on Netflix. WWE and popular streaming service Netflix have joined their hands to excite fans. They are coming up with a horror move named ‘Escape the Undertaker’. Here are more details about the upcoming movie:

What is the plot of Escape the undertaker?

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Escape the undertaker will revolve around a haunted mansion. The real name of undertaker is Mark Calaway. In this haunted mansion he is using his magical powers to create some hurdles for the WWE tag team. The new day is one of the record breaking WWE tag-team and everyone looks forward to their performance. Team of the new day includes (Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods). This upcoming movie will be a masterpiece and wrestling fans and other viewers will love it. In this interactive movie Undertaker has set a dark trap for the competitive team. There are a lot of magical activities surrounding them but the viewers will decide the fate for the team. These poor souls have to remain safe from these deadly traps somehow.

Who is in the cast of Escape the undertaker?

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The cast of ‘Escape the Undertaker’ will feature 4 WWE Superstars. They are all set to impress and entertain all the viewers to the core. Undertaker is going to play a villain while new day will try hard to move out of the haunted house. Audiences will have to help him and come out safe from this magical mansion.

There is no doubt, that The Undertaker is an iconic name in the wrestling world. He has been with WWE since a long time now and is an influential figure. The undertaker made his debut in 1990 and since then has become fans’ favorite.

Is there a trailer for Escape the undertaker?

The trailer of Escape the undertaker is really mysterious and spooky. It will give you a chilling vibe and seems fans will enjoy this to the fullest.  If you have not watched the new trailer yet you can visit YouTube and watch it. The trailer is really spooky and it seems fans will have a good time watching this one. In this trailer you will see a haunted mansion where the undertaker practice his magic skills. He wants to trap the new day and will he survive it?

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What is the release date of Escape the undertaker and how to watch it?

Escape the undertaker will release on 5th October 2021. The movie will premier exclusively on Netflix. If you have not subscribed to the streaming service you should do so instantly. Viewers can also download this series from Netflix by visit Google play store and Apple app store.

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