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Equinox: Will Netflix Renew The Show For Another Season?

Equinox released on Netflix last year and it was a major success. The show gained immense popularity and the mystery thriller series was loved by the fans. The supernatural show that aired on Netflix series last year has kept the audience captivated. The fans are expecting another season of the show. Read on to know more about the mysterious show.


Latest Updates on Equinox

Equinox is a Danish show and the show has been adapted by the Danish podcast by Tea Lydenburg. The podcast is titled Equinox 1985. The first season has six episodes, and the show concluded on the 30th December 2020 at once. Equinox has a unique plot and the fans are in love with the show. The series was shot in Denmark and the visuals of the show are dark and haunting.

Plot of Equinox


Equinox revolves around the dramatic events of a journalist. The lead character of the show Astrid is traumatized since his childhood time. Her elder sister Ida disappeared when she was just 9 years old. Ida’s classmates also went missing and this has become a mystery to date. Astrid gets nightmares all the time and suffers from frightful scenes during her sleep.

Her sister’s friend calls her out of the blue and shares a secret with her. Her call is completely unexpected, but Astrid is determined to find the secret behind her sister’s mysterious disappearance. After twenty-one years, Astrid begins her quest and is determined to reveal the mystery behind the past events.

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Equinox Season 2 Release date

Equinox has a unique and intriguing storyline. This season has been loved by the audience and got well appreciated. There is still a lot to unfold after season one aired. The fans are looking forward to the new season of the show as the plot of the show has a lot of potentials. The theme of the show is Dark, and the fans are expecting to get a second season. There is no official announcement about the second season of the show and the production of Equinox season 2 will start soon. Equinox will release at the end of 2021. Season 2 will be releasing on Netflix, and the fans of the show will have to wait until 2021.

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The Cast of Equinox

Equinox has a wonderful cast and the lead character of the show Astrid is played by a Danish actress. There are other prominent characters in the show and they are played by prominent actors as well. The cast of Equinox include:

  • Danica Curcic as Astrid
  • Viola Martinsen as Astrid, 9 years old
  • Lars Brygmann as Dennis
  • Karoline Hamm as Ida
  • Hanne Hedelund as Lene
  • Ask Truelsen as Falke.
  • Alexandre Willaume as Henrik
  • Peder Holm Johansen as Torben
  • Rasmus Hammerich as Mathias
  • Fanny Bornedal as Amelia
  • August Carter as Jakob
  • Zaki Nobel Mehabil as David
  • Tina Gylling Mortensen as Doris
  • Susanne Storm as Isobel
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