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Ellen’s Next Great Designer New Host, Release Date & More

A brand new show named Ellen’s Next designer is coming on HBO very soon. There have been rumors going around in the media that the show will get a new host. One host along with the lead judge has been selected to lead the show. Both Whiskey Cavalier and Scandal alum Scott Foley will co-host the show along with Ellen. There are many fans of Ellen and have been watching her show regularly.

You will also see them as a primary judge in the first season of another show that will center on furniture building. Ellen is one of the most prominent and design enthusiasts. He is working hard to bring some of the best builders from the country. Here are more details about Ellen’s Next great designer:

What is Ellen’s Next great designer about?

ellen 2

Ellen’s Next great designer is based on design and creative building and will test the candidates accordingly. The upcoming show is a part of many original shows that are created with a partnership between Ellen and HBO max. The show is getting a lot of attention from people around the world.

Every episode will feature a level of creativity and uniqueness all at once. There will be a total of eight participants and it will test their level of creativity Ellen and Foley will not only judge the contestants they will analyze and announce the results too. The winner will be judged according to the evaluations and marking that is based on their talent.

What can we expect from Ellen’s Next great designer and another lineup on HBO Max?

Ellen 3

There are many budding designers who want to showcase their talent and bring the best in themselves. Ellen’s show gives a chance to all such people and the judges have the potential to know their true talent. The name of the show was Ellen’s home design challenge previously. It is a part of one of those original HBO lineups that they have created as a partnership with the prominent producers.

There are many other original shows from the lineup of HBO max that include Little Ellen that is an animated series. It will revolve around a little girl who is seven years old. A lot of musical adventures are shown throughout her journey. There is another show that will come up to entice all the fans. First dates hotel will be released and follow the format of a dating show. It will give a chance for candidates to find the perfect date for them.

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What is the release date of Ellen’s Next great designer?

The release date of Ellen’s next great designer is not finalized yet. If you are interested in watching the show keep yourself updated with the official dates of release. We will be the first one to let you know about it. Most probably the shooting will begin in the coming months and the show may release some time next year. Nowadays people like reality TV shows as it gives them a chance to entertain themselves.

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