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Elizabeth Warren Net Worth, Age, Husband, Party And Religion, Salary

Elizabeth Warren is a presidential candidate and US senator who belong to Massachusetts. She is participating in the 2020 elections and is holding many campaigns. She is an impressive and inspirational woman who hopes to bring a change in the world and work against any issues happening around the world. As she is a presidential candidate many people don’t know much about her private life. Here we will discuss all the details related to her.

Early life and education

Elizabeth was born on June 22nd, 1949 and resides in Oklahoma City. The name of her parents is Donald and Pauline. Her father was a salesman and mother was a store worker. She belonged to a middle-class family but her parents loved her and supported her throughout her life. She went to George Washington University and the University of Houston where she got a degree in Pathology and Audiology. She was a bright student and her speaking skills were impressive since youth. Her friends used to compliment her that she should join politics and the profession would be suitable for her.

She is very close to her three brothers and especially her father. She usually posts his photos on her social media complimenting him for being a hardworking and loving father. Since she has joined as a presidential candidate she has been getting a lot of love and support from people. She hopes to become the president of the US and serve people.

Religion, age and height

Elizabeth is a follower of Methodist and believes in respect for humanity. She is 70 years old currently and her height is 1.73m.

Net worth

The net worth of Elizabeth and her husband is known to be $12 million as revealed by Forbes. Most of their wealth is invested in real estate and retirement accounts. They own two beautiful homes one is Washington and other in Cambridge worth millions. Being a senator her annual salary has been around $174000 and her other source of income has been the book royalties. She has been writing and publishing books which have been a great success. Before joining politics she has got most of her money from teaching profession and has been a legal advisor as well.

Personal life, children and relationships

Elizabeth got married to Bruce Mann in 1980 and is living a happily married life with him. This is her second marriage as her first marriage was with Jim Warren but got divorced after some time. She has two children from her first marriage and the name of her kids are Alex and Amelia. She shares many photos of her husband on her social media and even told the story about how he proposed to her. Her second marriage has been very successful and they both are very happy with each other. They have been married for 40 years and are still going very strong. Other than her two marriages there has not been much information about her relationship with other men. If she gets elected as a president her husband would be the first male presidential spouse.

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Fast Facts

  • Elizabeth was a very talented and exceptional speaker since her college days. She used to participate in debates most of the time. She was a state high school champion and won many debating competitions.
  • She was a registered Republican before 1990
  • She was a legal advisor who had specialized in bankruptcy law
  • Elizabeth has another hidden talent. She is a really good writer and has co-written eleven books with her daughter.
  • She has worked as a law lecturer and professor
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