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Edge Celebrates Anniversary Of Historic WWE Match With A Thoughtful Post

All the fans WWE Hall of famer Edge are in for a surprise. It has been many years since he has entered WWE. He has always given wonderful performances inside the ring. As it has been around 22 years since his first ever tag team ladder match, it calls for celebration. In 2009 at No Mercy, Edge along with Christian take on Hardy Boyz. This was an intense and intriguing match that left everyone on the edge of their seats. The thrilling ladder match left the crowd wanting for more. They also got a standing ovation for a perfect performance inside the ring. Here are more details about this story:

Edge celebrates his 22nd anniversary

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Edge has been into WWE world since 22 years. He took his twitter to post about his thrilling experience during the very first match. This is what he posts on twitter:

“22 years ago today we starting truly carving our path in the first tag team ladder match,” Edge wrote. “22 years later I’m about to face off with a talent who will go down as one of the best to do it. In Hell in a Cell. One helluva ride.”

There are no surprises why all the seasoned wrestling fans and critics loved his performance. The ladder match from No mercy led to a lot of wonderful things in his career. This match between The Dudleys, The Hardy Boyz, and Edge & Christian has been a night to remember. In 2000 the WrestleMania introduced such talented faces that are big stars of today. Apart from that WWE also got inspiration for the first-ever Tables, Ladders, and Chairs matches. It has been an historic event and reasons for more celebrations for the new talent.

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Upcoming Edge VS Seth Rollins Match

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The rated R superstar reveals a lot of things in his post. According to the latest updates Edge will have a face-off with Seth Rollins. The hell is a cell match is also offering many interesting matches ahead for all the fans. Crown Jewel event will be taking place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and fans cannot hold their excitement. During their previous encounter Edge got the chance to defeat Rollins at the SummerSlam 2021. There has been a lot of interruption in the latest matches from Edge. Some defeats have interfered his matches and could even challenge his home. After looking at this situation Edge challenged Rollins to have an intense HIAC match.

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