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Edelweiss Airlines For The Comfort of Passengers

Edelweiss airlines is a Switzerland based airline that has their headquarter is in Kloten, Switzerland. The airlines were started on 19th October 1995 and they have been actively scheduling flights for many passengers. They are a part of Lufthansa Group and also found a sister company in the year 2008. There are a lot of milestones that the airlines have achieved till now. The network of Edelweiss Airlines is operating around seventy-holiday destinations and that too in 34 countries. There are two more places from Greece and Albania that were included in the summer of 2019.

The airline has seen constant growth over the years and it continues to become successful and popular among passengers. There has been an ongoing expansion in the air craft’s fleet and the workforce has been growing too. For now, Edelweiss has employed 1002 employees that include 218 pilots, 662 cabin crew members, and 122 ground staff. Airlines have been awarded two times for the traveler’s choice award. The two important categories in which they won the award are Regional airline Europe and Economy class Europe.

Services offered by Edelweiss

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There are plenty of services offered by Edelweiss and some of them are as follows:

Edelweiss online check-in

There are many airports for departure so you can check-in by going online or schedule your flight for the same. You can get your boarding pass 23 hours before the actual time of flights. It will be easy to move towards the departure counter by leaving your baggage for checking.

Check-in and baggage drop off at the airport

There are different timings set for check-in and baggage drop off at the Zurich Airport. If you are planning to travel in the Business class feel assured that there are plenty of facilities available for the passengers. You can keep checking the dedicated Swiss counter where friendly staff will help you out.

Seat Reservation

The best thing is that you select the seat while booking your flight. You can select and reserve the seat beforehand because it is free of any charges for those passengers who are traveling in business class. For a lot of safety reasons the passengers who have children or pets will not be seated opposite to emergency exit.

Edelweiss Airline Phone Number

Edelweiss Air is based in Switzerland, so if you want to get in touch with them you will have to get the contact number in Switzerland. Here are the contact details below:

Toll Free Number:  +41 (0)848 333 593

Alternate contact number: +41 (0) 43 816 50 60 & +41 43 816 50 61

Edelweiss Air Email Contact

The email sending services of the airlines are quite good and the passengers get instant replies for their queries. You can contact Edelweiss on the email that we have given below:
 [email protected]

Rio De Janerio, Brazil Contact Number

Edelweiss airline also operates and takes important flights to Rio de Janeiro but only in Brazil. If you want to contact edelweiss air in Brazil the passengers need to call the head office in Switzerland. It will be easy to get all the information when you have the contact numbers for every office. You will have to check out which office is the nearest for you.

Varna, Bulgaria Contact

You will find it difficult to get in touch with the Bulgaria department as they don’t have any fixed call center. Bulgaria is also considered a part of Europe so you can directly call on the Switzerland number mentioned above.

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