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E. J. Johnson Net Worth, Bio, Age, Early Life, Relationship s & Other Details

E.J Johnson is an American socialite and reality television personality. He has gained huge net worth and fame in a short time. E.J Johnson is the son of popular basketball legend and activist Magic Johnson. Even though his popularity has still not reached his father’s caliber but he is slowly catching up. Many people didn’t know much about him but since the time has starred in popular TV shows he is more into the limelight.

He has appeared in a lot of reality TV series like rich kids of Beverly Hills. The popular show used to come on channel E and he gained a lot of popularity with it. The best thing is that this series features kids of those parents that are already rich and popular. Let’s get to know more about E.Johnson.

Early life and Bio

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E.J was born on June 4th, 1992 in Beverly Hills California. He is the second child of the NBA legend and known to be one of the best basketball players of all time. E.J has also got another brother who is older than him and they both are very close to each other. His younger sister Elisa is also close to him. Earvin is studying at Newyork University and is a bright child. It seems that his interests lie in the entertainment industry and that’s how he is making quick moves towards it.

Personal Life and relationships

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If we talk about his relationship status you will be surprised to know about it. E.J revealed to everyone that he is a homosexual and doesn’t have any problem with it. You will be surprised that his parents supported him fully and didn’t force him to change anything. He is very famous for his feminine looks and his style of clothing is also the same.

In 2015 he planned to go for a gastric sleeve surgery that made him change his appearance. All the fans did notice that he has reduced a lot of weight after getting this surgery done. It is even more surprising that he planned to become transgender and get surgery too. He has a lot of good friends in the industry that include Tiffany Trump, Kyra Kennedy, Gaia Jacquet-Matisse, and Andrew Warren.

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Career, Awards, and Nominations

E.J Johnson started his acting career in 2014 and ‘Rich Kids of Beverly Hills’ was his first reality show. He has been a part of all three seasons so far and it seems people like him too. E.J has been supporting LGBTQ rights and favors them at every step.

  • Rich Kids of Beverly Hills Self. (2014-2016)
  • Real Husbands of Hollywood Self (2016)
  • EJNYC Self. (2016)
  • The Insider Self

Net Worth and Salary

E.J Johnson has a total net worth of $3.5 million and even though he is rich he works very hard to gain fame. He didn’t get much help from his family and wanted to gain fame and fortune on his behalf. E.J is still young and has a long way to go when it comes to career and success.

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