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Dying Light 2 Release Date, Gameplay, Platforms, and Requirements

Dying Light is an open wide first-person survival horror action-adventure video game developed by Techland and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The game revolves around the protagonist Kyle Crane, who is an undercover agent sent on a mission to infiltrate a specific zone in the city of Harran. Dying Light is the heart of many video gamers and to find out this obsession among the Dying Light gamers, Techland developed a sequel of the game. This long-awaited sequel of Dying Light is more than just knocking down the undead. Dying light 2 is not just about the battle of an infected survivor but it also involves making tough decisions about the future of the city.

What is Dying Light 2 about?

Dying Light takes place in the last great human settlement, a cruel and merciless place sunk into a modern dark age. The player becomes Aiden Caldwell, protagonist. He is an infected survivor with extraordinary parkour skills, who can climb, jump, and slide across the city while making tough decisions about the safe future of society. The entire game can be played in 4-player, which will allow you to see how the choices of other players influence the city.

Is Dying Light 2 RPG?

RPG means Role Playing Game, many of you are not sure whether Dying Light 2 would be RPG but excitingly it is. This idea might not be pleasing for purists but if you can wrap your head around the first-person, zombie smashing, breakneck parkour with a dash of survival, and a deep character progression, this would be one of its kind of RPG.

When is Dying Light 2 released?

Seeing the fervor amongst the gamers, the developers agreed to release the game in spring 2020. At the Microsoft conference E3 2019, it was decided that the Dying Light 2 will give a spring 2020 release window. But the release is delayed and Dying Light 2, play station 4 is expected to release on 31 December 2020. The delay was announced through the official Dying Light Twitter account.

Pre-orders are open now, it is sold and shipped from

What platforms will Dying Light 2 be released on?

The survival horror will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

Is there Crane in Dying Light 2?

Crane is the major sensation and most importantly a triggering drive for the obsessed gamers of Dying Light. The sequel doesn’t display Crane as the protagonist now, in fact, the game features a new protagonist and a new bigger world. Techland has confirmed that Crane won’t be returning as a protagonist, but it doesn’t disclose whether he will be in the game in a new capacity. The setting is expected to be somewhere in Europe, but the game reveals a new setting and a new location than the original.

Is dying light 2 worth it?

The game is really good, especially for the said price. The story of the main game is fine but as the story progresses, it gets much better and interesting. The map of the game is huge, and it is an incredible single-player game with fleshed-out multiplayer.

Is dying light 2 scary?

Dying light 2 is scary, frustrated and terrifying. If you want to relax after a hard day, Dying Light 2 is not a game for you. The game opens parachuting you down into a zombie plagued the city. It is an open wide survival horror game and similar points are focused on it.

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Expect a huge open world to explore, immersive first-person action, impressive movement mechanics and some horrors to face when the sun goes down.

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